Recent Eats: July

August 04, 2018

Seems like just yesterday I was posting June's eats and even though it was less than a week ago that I actually did the week has still flown by. Again, please bear with the overload of Italian food pics. Obviously, July was a good month for food. 

Please keep in mind that this is a snippet of what my month in food looked like; by no means should this dictate what or how you eat. Listen to your own needs whether those be physical or non-physical satisfaction. Also, I want to be transparent on and share what really happened -- when I struggled, when I shared meals, etc. 

One morning my mom and I got extremely desperate for savory breakfasts so we walked over to the farmer's market and grabbed eggs, arugula, focaccia, and mini strawberries for a wonderful brunch. 

Two different kinds of vegetable tarts/pies! Absolutely loved this quick lunch my mom and I shared in Cinque Terre, Italy. Though I'm not sure if any meal can be bad with this view to admire. 

The first of three courses my mom and I split for our one super fancy meal. You may or may not know the Italian meal structure; not exactly sure how often this is truly followed but we decided to get an antipasto, primo and secondo alongside a glass of wine. To start was a sweet potato puree with anchovies. So much better than I make it sound.

Panzanella, which is bread salad with tomatoes, olives, cucumbers and onions. 

Throughout my trip I was torn between trying my favorite dishes (carbonara, pesto, gelato) to authenticate the versions I've had in the past and tasting atypical Italian cuisine, dishes that I hadn't heard of previously.

Here are a couple of the latter:

Literally meaning pig in bread, maiale en pane was one of the dishes we made at the cooking class we took in Florence. It's essentially a herb crusted pork cooked in a loaf of  crusty bread. My friend reminded me that it is essentially a fancy pig in a blanket/kolache.

On the right, a lampredotto (tripe!) sandwich messily eaten while wandering the shops of Mercato Centrale again in Florence.

There was a couple of times that my hanger shown through. One night we ended up having dinner pretty late and I just couldn't decide what to get. Honestly, I was almost resigned to skipping dinner altogether. Instead, I go gelato for dinner. Can't hate that. Giant schools of yogurt and strawberry flavors this time around.

On the go on the streets of Venice my second time around, grabbed a vegetarian slice of pizza.  Honestly didn't have as much pizza as I thought we would, which surprisingly I'm okay with. There was plenty of other deliciousness to keep me more than happy.

Last meal in Italy happened to be breakfast. A pastry filled with a chantilly cream alongside a caffe d'orzo, which is a coffee-like drink made of barley. 

As I've probably mentioned, I missed cooking!!! One of the first days back made a simple sweet potato mash with pan fried salmon filet and roasted cauliflower. 

Another food I missed when I was away was avocado. Thus, avocado toast of all kinds has been on rotation since I've returned. The one pictured here is with pureed black beans, a fried egg and salsa + some strawberries. 

When I got back, I was craving colorful salads all around. After a heavier, late breakfast split this jackfruit pulled pork one with glazed pecans, guac, pickled onions, etc. 

Then for another day's dinner got a spinach quinoa bowl with turkey meatballs and all the Mediterranean mezze-like sides. 

Helped sister pack and move out of her apartment in exchange for a free lunch. Had these little tofu baos (the two in the front) + dressed brussel sprouts sneaking up in the back. 

What's your favorite Italian food?
Savory or sweet breakfasts? 
Do you get hangry? Or hungred? (hungry + tired) 

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  1. Oh my goodness, it all looks so delicious! Like really really delicious. Gelato, salads, mini strawberries, the works. I totally get missing avocado. When I got back from school for the summer, I can't even tell you how much avocado I ate.

    1. Gotta keep getting my summer fill of avocado before it's gone!

  2. all looks so good! i don't eat a lot of italian food but i do love eggplant dishes! also i get a mix of hangry and hungry/tired lol