Week in Review: Pools, Puzzles, Packing and Pancakes

August 06, 2018

Happy Monday friends! No fancy introduction for me. Simply getting my list on yet again Week in Review style

  • Continued to clean and packed everything then brought one last car full of stuff to my parents', my home for the next month. 
  • Turned in my keys at my apartment 🙁 Feels weird to be leaving the place I've been in for 2 years and moving away from campus.  
all moved out
  • Made brunch one morning gluten free apple cinnamon pancakes with Siggi's vanilla yogurt (the best flavor out there IMO) and finished up the remaining frozen blueberries I had.
  • Finished another season of The Office. Three down, six to go! 
  • Picked up some work at my parents' school working at the reception desk. Sucks to have been spending a lot money when nothing is coming in so it's nice to have worked a little. 
  • Finished that puzzle mentioned in last week's review in much less time than expected. 
  • Posted some of my favorite July eats on Saturday. Check it out for Italian food galore!
  • Made gluten-free oatmeal raisin cookies then turned them into ice cream sandwiches because Texas evenings are hooooot.
  • Whipped up two types of nut butters: a toasted walnut one as well as a cardamom cashew butter (based off of Broma Bakery's here).
  • Sat poolside reading August's book club read, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, before getting a swim in.
  • Watched Like Father on Netflix with my parentals. Semi-unrelated but still adjusting to this whole living with them thing. I'm trying to see the bright side and stay grateful; this will likely be the last time I'll be living with them so might as well enjoy it even the times we'll for sure butt heads. 
  • Went to and won (!!!) a Western-themed escape room with under 5 minutes to space. Tons of fun! If you ever get a chance to go and have one in your area, it's a must! 
How do you handle adjustments when moving?  
What's your favorite type of nut butter?
Have you gone to an escape room before? Did you win?

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  1. I love puzzles.

    Kudos on the escape room win and the nut butter making. Those flavors sound incredible.

    Enjoy the time at your parent's place. It'll go faster than you think.

  2. Ooooh this whole move and adjusting to living with your parents for a bit is going to feel weird and messy, for sure. So I say, just know that going into it, accept it, and don't berate yourself for any of those feelings. Also in my humble opinion, please embrace it! It may be, as you say, the last time you live with your parents, and oh my gosh I wish I could go back to those times!! These little transitions in life can feel messy, but they are the ones we look back on and remember!

    PS you made some brilliant eats this week. Ice cream sandwiches with homemade cookies? Did you know how brilliant you are?

    1. Will try my best not to judge my feelings and to just be grateful for this whole experience. Thanks for the advice!

      Aww! That's too sweet Cora. You are pretty brilliant yourself. :)

  3. I'm a fan of the homemade nut butter in Bonne Maman jars. I do the exact same thing!