Recent Eats: August

September 04, 2018

Hope you all enjoyed your long weekends! With Labor Day now behind us, this means the holiday season is fast approaching. 2018 is all down hill from here. Honestly, I can't believe it's September. Where did my long, final summer go!!? 😭 I move into my apartment in a week, start work later this month and head to training in Chicago over my birthday weekend. But before all that, here are some of the foods I loved in August. 

Again, this is just a small glimpse into what I ate throughout the month and is by no means an indication of what/how/where you should eat. I just love food and want to share that love with y'all. So please listen to your own needs. Trust where you are and where your body is right now. I also will keep it real and note if I split something/didn't finish something/ate something else/etc. Let's dig in!! 

Got a free (with a purchase of a drink) liege waffle (or well a quarter of one) on national waffle day. So delicious but definitely much too small a breakfast. Also learned that I really don't enjoy what coffee does to my head even if it tastes so darn good. 

I love me some masa flour. On the left, an arepa sandwich with BBQ jackfruit + some fried plantains because yum. On the right, a beet and carrot gordita. Also split a cricket taco that evening. alongside it. 

Made a sweet potato shakshuka breakfast of sorts with dollops of yogurt and harissa. I swear there's an egg under there somewhere. Oh, and a side of morning reading

Another breakfast + book. This time a zucchini omelette stuffed with yogurt, topped with pesto, served with avocado and crunchy beet chips.

This month was filled with trying out new recipes too! Like this bright yogurt sauced pasta from Naturally Ella and this loaded summery salad from Half Baked Harvest sans prosciutto because $$$. 

Threw together BAAT (bacon arugula avocado tomato) tacos one evening for a quick dinner. With a little stone ground mustard on top. 

Lastly, I split this MASSIVE biscuit cinnamon roll for brunch while I was in Colorado. It was so huge we still had to take some leftovers home. Also split a sausage egg biscuit sandwich drowning in apple butter. Speaking of Colorado, definitely going to get a post on that up here at some point....after all my backlogged Italy ones too. 🙈 My bad!! 

Have you had eaten an arepa or gordita before?
How do you like your bacon? Crispy (<<< RIGHT ANSWER) or chewy? 
What are you planning to do in the last few months of the year?

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