Valentine's Pancakes

February 14, 2018

Happy Hump Day / V-day!!!

Popping in this morning to bring you a semi-recipe post as it's been a long time since I shared one and also to remind you of something v, v important!

Though during 'normal' days I tend to take the time to make myself a nourishing breakfast, every year on Valentine's Day I try to be even more intentional about doing so. For me, this typically means pancakes! It may also be because a) yesterday was pancake day and you may know I really really really really love my food holidays b) I have this appropo silicone heart-shaped pancake mold, a reminder from my childhood that my mom gave to me when I started college. Weekend mornings growing up, waking up to the smell of chocolate chip pancakes in the shape of flowers and hearts. For some reason the shapes make such a difference despite being the exact same batter. I think it's the care and thoughtfulness put into merely using it that creates intention. 

and more for the freezer!! 
Whether you are single AF (🙋🏻‍♀️ ) or have an S.O. or it's complicated, remember to be your own Valentine first. And not just today on this contrived holiday but all days of the year. 

So make pancakes. 
Get a massage. 
Go for a run or yoga class. 
Watch a rom-com. 
Open a bottle of wine. 
Clean up your space. 
Phone a bestie. 
Take a selfie.

I also just saw this on my Instagram feed and just had to share because it was pretty magical:

For the pancakes themselves, I adapted this recipe from Cookie and Kate -- using APF + Kodiak cake mix for extra protein, honey and soy milk -- filled it with frozen blueberries and fresh strawberries, then topped all off with leftover cashew cream I had from this Well & Full apple cake. They are so ridiculously light and fluffy!!!

If you want more pancakes, check out these older posts on the blog:
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What are you doing for yourself today?
The deciding battle: Pancakes or waffles? 

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  1. I lovvvveee your ritual of making something extra yummy for yourself on valentines day! A perfect way to show yourself that extra bit of love <3

    1. Hope you showered yourself with some love too, Cora dear