Week in Review: Cold Spells, Pizza and Dogs

February 12, 2018

Long time no chat! I had meant to post another long must-reads post over the weekend but this lil' gal kept me busy. Stay tuned for the links post at some point in the upcoming week though! But before we get into those details about the dog, here's what else went down in the past seven days, Week in Review style.

  • Early on in the week, Monday to be exact, first I volunteered at the animal shelter then went out for a Peruvian dinner with my parents and aunt. Got this chicken tamale with pickled onions and also had some fried plantains and toasted corn. 
  • Made it through another cold front here in Dallas. Yes those are icicles hanging off the bare tree branch. To make matters worse, Google Photos reminded me that this time last year I was enjoying the sun at the arboretum. I was even wearing shorts!!! 😢
  • Got free oatmeal at school for breakfast! Taking advantage of free food while I still can. 
  • Managed to stay on top of all my studying. Just gotta keep chugging along...  
  • Because of a free week pass at a local yoga studio, attended 3 classes, which actually felt pretty intuitive. Even if the classes weren't necessarily as physical draining as I thought they would be, I didn't feel guilty. A refreshingly different feeling than where I was in the beginning of my recovery journey.  
  • Kinda a weird accomplishment but grocery shopped during the week as opposed to the weekend. 
  • Subsequently, meal prepped for the upcoming week the Kaylee way aka mostly just mise en place-ing because I am a terrible meal prepper.
  • Celebrated National Pizza Day the right way. On that note, ordered delivery for myself basically for the first time ever... (yes I know how sad that sounds)
  • Tolerated with this nonsense on my computer without throwing it on the ground. Also, several abrupt shut downs. Real talk though, is 5 years a long time to have a computer?? Is it reasonable to replace it yet? 

  • However, the biggest accomplishment by far was that I survived a weekend with a dog!!! The greyhound adoption agency I am going through is super accommodating and allows potential adopters to do trial runs to see test compatibility and to see if you know what you're getting yourself into (see below for the verdict!). Coming into this, I was doubting myself. So this experience did help me trust myself more. It made me realize that I actually can do this dog ownership thing. 
Here she is refusing to go up the stairs despite being able to go down them 🙄

And one more because we all could use more dog pictures in our lives especially on a wintery Monday morning... 

Honestly don't know what I am going to do. As past experience has depicted, I'm not the best at decision making. I feel completely torn--that cliched heart and head situation. The practical side of me knows the timing isn't right. There are so many things against me adopting her and I should wait until after I've graduated and taken all my tests, and have moved into an apartment of my own. But who could say no to her?!! What if months from now I won't find another dog like her; her size, temperament, age match what I am looking for. As usual, I need to figure out if I can trust that the future will bring what is meant to be. 

How do you feel about meal prepping?
What is a 'weird' accomplishment of yours? 
Have you ever had decide between your heart and your head? 

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  1. So. Much. Yoga. I love it, and am slightly envious. I say get the pooch; there's always something timing wise that's not right for big decision. You just have to bite the bullet and go for it.

    I hate meal prepping, which is why I don't do it. Then again, I don't have time either so there's that. :)

    Happy Monday and thanks for linking up.

    1. Yes loving all the yoga lately!
      Glad I am not alone on non-meal prepping front.

  2. Oh my goodness what a decision to have to make!!!! I obviously can't give you any advice here, only, to truly truly truly listen to your gut. Get real quiet, zone in, and listen to that heart of yours. The tangible, materialistic things can always be worked with. The emotional heart things, not so much. If your heart is saying now is not the right time, then that means there WILL be a right time again, soon enough.

    Yaaaaaas ordering delivery for yourself! I have never done this either! That just sounds like the coolest, badass thing to do. You've totally inspired me.

    1. As usual, just gotta trust the timing of life. Much easier said than done as you know. But I think I made the 'right' decision.
      Go for it girl!!!