Week in Review: "Real" World

March 20, 2017

Well, after 10 weeks that went by sooner than I would have liked, my internship has come to an end. It is time for me to go back to the real college student life of taking exams, waking up "late" (*cough* 7 instead of 6 *cough*), wearing leggings and Keds not pencil skirts and blazers, reading chapter assignments and walking to class. I am not ready!!!! Also considering the fact that I didn't get a Spring Break and I will be taking condensed, accelerated classes (a semester's worth of material in 8 weeks!), I feel I am being thrown into the deep end with no testing of the waters. 

Though technically I am actually coming back from the real world rather than going into it, I would honestly rather work full-time than study. I might have mentioned previously that, as awful as it sounds, I don't like who I am when I am in school mode; I stress out, become even more controlling, tend to isolate myself. I live more to just check things off the to-do list rather than to find the meaning in them. And I am afraid of falling back into these old habits. During the past few months of work, I filled my weekends and week nights with things I wanted to do rather than school work, things I "have" to do. Hopefully with the awareness I can better keep myself in check.      

For this week's Week in Review, here's a look of my accomplishments during my final week of interning. Thanks as always Meghan! 

Outfit on point. Bathroom not so much. 

  • Tied out most of the loose ends work-wise in time for my last day and passed the open tasks off to my latest team. 
  • Socialized at the final, "farewell" happy hour thrown for us interns. And finished over 1/2 of the pear cider I ordered. Definitely an accomplishment for this lightweight, occasional drinker! 
  • Started off the week battling some severe allergies. I learned the hard way after waking up in the middle of the night for several days in a row to take my medicine before sleeping.
  • Answered some random questions in a fun survey format on the blog
  • Celebrated two "holidays":

  1. First off, Pi Day! With pie three ways--in almost every way except pie in the traditional sense. Had a slice of spinach and feta spanikopita pie saved in the freezer stash (Thanks to my mama!), which made for a delicious breakfast. Then at work we went out to a local pizza place for lunch. I cutomized my own with Italian sausage and fresh tomatoes. After I got home in the evening, I threw made myself a mini homemade pop-tart filled with strawberries.Yay for all the π !!!
  2. Then St. Paddy's Day on Friday. Incorporated all things green into my meals. Brekkie was a random bowl of leftover quinoa, hummus, veggies with za'atar yogurt topped with a bunch of cilantro. Lunch was Molly Yeh's chickpea spatzle with collards. Afternoon snack of Irish soda bread with Kerrygold Irish butter and strawberries. Plus, I was wearing green!  
  • Continued the UK theme by starting The Great British Baking Show on Netflix.

  • What seems like a bajillion loads later, I finally saw the bottom of my hamper! Changed my sheets & towels too!
  • As I said last week, my mom made popovers for a delayed brunch when we Sprang forward on Sunday. I took one of the leftover ones home and transformed it into a taco popover hybrid thing, filling it with scrambled eggs and pesto. I'm calling it a tac-over? A pop-co? 
  • I also managed to use up all the remnants of this delicious Wild Friends maple sunbutter by eating breakfast out of the container. I threw almond milk, chopped nectarine, protein and protein powder inside, gave it a good shake and topped it with homemade granola. My senior at work gave me a weird look he saw me eating out of the container. Has anyone else felt this hardcore judgment before? 
  • Since I'm trying to stay away from caffeine, my Starbucks options have become very limited--even decaf messes with my brain. I tried the Evolution fresh super greens juice, my first veggie juice ever. May be an unpopular opinion but it honestly tasted disgusting. I would much rather eat my veggies than drink 'em. But feeling accomplished nonetheless for trying something new! 

  • Took out my aunt's dog that we are dog-sitting to the dog park. Though she didn't really enjoy playing with the other dogs, my sister and I enjoyed sure did! Also, got in some more doggy time by volunteering on Sunday afternoon. Definitely worth the puppy battle scars. 
  • My car had a weekend full of pampering: oil change, car wash and vacuum. Squeaky clean inside and out! 

  • Headed out on a sister study date to Toasted Coffee & Kitchen. I got their All-Day B.A.E--toast topped with black bean spread, bacon, eggs, avocado and queso fresco. A little overpriced for something so simple but the delicious homemade bread and naturally-lit ambiance made up for it. 
  • Actually got some work done at said study session and over the rest of the weekend. Wrote out my notes for my classes and read all the assigned chapters! 


Would you rather work or study? 
What's your favorite pie type/form? 
Did you celebrate anything this week?

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  1. I'm jealous of the car cleaning. Ours is so bad on the inside that all I want to do it get in there and clean it up. Hopefully I'll get to it this week if we get some good weather.

    Maybe you can regulate time in the evenings for studying and then leave some time for things you want to do so you can have the best of both worlds.

    Happy Monday and thanks for linking up.

    1. As gross as it is to admit, in the almost year since owning my car, I've only had it washed twice! 😣 So it was long overdue.

  2. Man--a semester's work of material in 8 weeks. That sounds super-intense. Hang in there. Transitioning from work to school is tough.
    Both a tac-over and a pop-co sound awesome to me!

    1. I guess if all else fails this semester, I should just start a tac-over food truck of sorts. Can I count on you as a regular customer, Joyce? 😉

  3. Ok so first you at some of the coolest food this week!! So many things ive never tried or even heard of. Way to treat the holidays as they should be. I was totally lame and did not get myself pie and the only green i had on st. Pats was a pickle on my sandwich.

    This is going to feel like an unideal transition for you. Especislly now having experienced and getting used to the "real world," i know full well how challenging it may feel to go back to classes and schedules. But you can do it. Push through and before you know it you will be back in the real world doing what you want to do. How many more years of school do you suppose you have?

    1. I keep reminding myself that I have to give myself the grace of time to adjust back. I never fully realized how tough transitions and change is for me honestly.
      I'll be graduating in May with my bachelor's and should have just a year after that to get my master's (knock on wood!).