Must Reads of the Week (22)

March 25, 2017

This week has definitely been overwhelming. The nature of this condensed semester has me reading my textbooks constantly, seemingly without an end. More often than not, however, I found myself back to my procrastination habits of perusing all the blogs on the internet. Here are just a handful of the awesome links I discovered: 

If you have yet to read Alexis' post on sugar, do so now!! My sugar intake is definitely an aspect of "healthy eating" that I have struggled with; it's always on the back of my mind. So I loved reading her outlook on the topic! A good reminder that craving and eating sugar isn't the end of the world.

Shoutout to Cora for introducing me to my new favorite word! Have you ever heard of the word edesia, or edes for that matter? Apparently, the latter means "to spend money on food." Again, something I often struggle with doing or spending in general. But I am slowly realizing the joy in taking care of yourself in spending on yourself, for yourself, by yourself. 

Got some bad news this past week that the study abroad trip to Germany I applied to for this summer is no longer pushing thru because of lack of interest 😢  So frustrating! I guess this Paris food recs guide will have to be for postponed for weekend excursions & adventures around Europe even further out into the future. 💔  Here's to hoping. siiiigh

On a lighter note, these Disney memes were almost too good to handle. 😂

In honor of Beauty & The Beast

A love-ly essay on the kind of love I am ultimately searching for. One that doesn't just look beyond a number on scale but rather is so great, so true that it did not recognize it to begin with.

"..real love makes room for you to love yourself the way you are, and the way you want to be." 

What's your take on sugar?
Have you seen the new Beauty and The Beast? I plan to watch it at some point this week but want to hear others' reviews! 
What instances made you appreciate your body from a new perspective?

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