Week in Review: Finals Week-Ish

May 02, 2016

Hello May! I know I say this every month but where has the time gone?!! How are we possibly 25% through 2016!!!? My university's final exam week officially starts on Tuesday but for some reason all my professors scheduled theirs for the week before finals. So my summer actually began yesterday! I have a solid month of not doing anything before my internship and online class start in June. 😁  Feels so good!

Before I get to my Week in Review to those of you who are still chugging the way through exams/projects/papers or to anyone who just needs a pick-me-up, here are motivational words for ya.

- Finished my junior year of college. 😳  Boy, do I feel old.
- Passed the QuickBooks certification test(!!!), which means I didn't have to complete the take-home final. Woo.
- After watching the movie trailer for Jojo Moyes' Me Before You, I was compelled to download the book (I mean, it stars Sam Claflin aka Finnick Odair. How could I not?). I devoured it in 4 days.

- Speaking of devouring, bought an Einstein's protein power bagel (my fave) WITH BUTTER. Yay for overcoming food challenges!
- I successfully drove by myself for the first time without injuring anyone. Yes, I know I'm in college and this is probably a strange accomplishment for a twenty-year-old.
- Didn't completely make a fool of myself at Top Golf. Considering I had never been there before, I played puh-retty well. Beginners luck?
- Won 2nd place at the Spoons competition during the student appreciation luncheon at work. It's amazing how violent the game can get. I'm known for being pretty sneaky though hehehe. Silent but deadly. 

People watching & podcast listening

- Discovered a new podcast--Ladies who Lunch with Ingrid Nilsen & Cat Valdes. I've only listened to the first one so far but can't wait to get to the rest.
- Matched with my supervisor at work last Monday. We promise this was completely unplanned! It's crazy how in-sync you get when you spend a lot of time with someone

- Spent yesterday morning attempting to pack up the stuff in my apartment for move out; was able to get one bin down! This time of the year always make me sad. I know it's only the end of a chapter in my life and the start of the next one. But I'm worried things won't be as good as they are.

Have you played Spoons before?
What's your favorite bagel? 
Ever coincidentally match with someone before? 😂

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  1. I'm a big fan of Everything Bagels. They're my favorite with lots and lots of butter.

    Congrats on being down with the school year. Enjoy that month long break, what a wonderful treat.

    Happy Monday and thanks for linking up.

    1. Mmmhmm, everything bagels. Hope the rest of your week went well Meghan!