Must Reads of the Week (12)

April 17, 2016

Happy Sunday y'all! Hope your weekend's going swell. Time for some links! But before that, a little reminder for us all:

1. If you're in need of some mental calming, click here. I could seriously watch these spin for daaaaaays. That giant one is crazy! I've always been fascinated with the pottery wheel and actually tried it a couple of times. Definitely want to make more time for this hobby

2. Kylie's words on health spoke deep into my soul. A call to reevaluate the choices you make. I am so thankful that recovery has brought me this clarity. I used to force myself to exercise almost every single day. I wasn't enjoying it. I wasn't because I loved myself. I wanted to change who I was and I thought that I had to change the physical side of me in order to be accepted. Sometimes we need to take a step back and really ask yourself why. Go back to the purpose--the root of it all.

3. I made these delicious biscuits from The First Mess for breakfast one day last week. Sadly, I couldn't make the gravy because of my limited pantry and it was a tad undercooked. 😩  But t'was delicious nonetheless! I forget how much I like almond meal until I'm eating it. Yuuuum, PLUS it has sweet potato. And tbh, in my opinion, sweet potato > reg. potato any day

My much sadder looking version
4. As I've probably mentioned before, it takes me a while to open up to people. In the past few years, I've become more extroverted and comfortable in my own skin (forever an introvert at ❤︎ though). Quite frankly, I consider myself a friendly person but I struggle to make long lasting friendships especially in college where the culture can be...fickle/fleeting/superficial? Though I am in a sense the opposite of this Cosmo article's author (i.e. not incredibly outgoing), the rationale behind her thoughts remains: the desire for independence. I need to let people be there for me. I need to conquer my fear of asking for help, of reaching out, of trusting others. Vulnerability is sign of strength, of bravery, not of weakness. It is necessary to forge these friendship that I so dearly crave.

I have trouble trusting that someone who chooses to love you rather than loving you by default. 

5. As Meghan so wonderfully discusses, you are allowed to take up space. Scratch that--it's your RIGHT as a human being to take up space. I struggle with this all the time, more mentally and emotionally than anything else. I hate feeling like a burden and often believe I'm plaguing people by being around them. The people pleaser in me strives for only saying what (I believe) people want to hear, to stay quiet even if I have something to say. I think nobody wants to know about the weight on my shoulders; they have enough on their own plates. There are bigger problems in life. I should be able to handle this. In reality, you are entitled to have your opinion heard, to start conversations with others without feeling like a disturbance in their lives, to share your fears, problems, accomplishments--no matter how big or small.

Have you tried doing pottery before?
Almond meal: yay or nay? 
Are you afraid of taking up space whether it be mentally, physically or emotionally? 

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