Must-Reads of the Week (14)

May 17, 2016

Hihi! The past week has been spent watching 3 seasons of Orphan Black (SO GOOD), starting The Winner's Curse series (YA books FTW) and getting used to driving my first car (CRAZY TO SAY THAT). Though I have been enjoying my down time, honestly, I've been feeling a little out of touch with my recovery and just with myself in general. Not down/sad/blah necessarily, just...unfocused? (if that makes any sense whatsoever) I've got an appointment with my dietician later today so we shall see if anything has translated negatively on my weight... 😔

1. A fun yet thought-provoking video on what millennials think old looks like. In my opinion, some "old" people are seriously impressive. I can only dream of being that active when I'm retired!

2. I love Monique's take on healthy. I am definitely guilty of giving in to society's perception of "health." I still catch myself judging others' food choices and have really tried to make a conscious effort to remember that health is very personal. Health develops as we grow as people and varies from person to person. I need to do what's best for me at that particular point in time.

3. If you haven't visited Positive Prescription, you are missing out. Last week I found Daily Habits for a More Fulfilling Life and definitely want to incorporate this philosophy into my life. They found that intentionally doing something alone, something with others & something meaningful each day can lead to greater satisfaction and happiness. Even though we may already do these activities, remember to do it with more purpose in your actions.

4. My family is a big game lover, both card and board. It's as if this Buzzfeed article was made for us.  I've played 6 of the 26! As with most things in life, too many games yet too little time. YAY FOR ALL THE BOARD GAMES.

Currently playing
5. Loving Refinery29's #TakeBackTheBeach series. They had a lovely little piece on the correlation between body image confidence & satisfaction in relationships. Disliking one's body can lead to anxiety in relationships, which results in even more negative feelings around one's body. A chicken and egg scenario. In other news, how sad is it that only 1/5 of women are "very satisfied" with their bodies?!?

How old is "old"? 
Do you have a favorite board game? 
What does healthy look like for you? 

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