Lemon & Strawberry Loaf

May 19, 2016

Prompted by Cora's post, I made the lemon-strawberry cake found over at Amy's Healthy Baking. Since my round cake pan is currently tucked away with the bins of my apartment stuff, I settled for making a loaf instead. I combined half regular whole wheat and half all-purpose flour to replace the white WW flour the recipe calls for.

If this doesn't speak summer (despite the 60 degree, rainy weather down here), then I don't know what does! Look at those mad artistic strawberry designing skillz

Like most anything, even better with yogurt on top!

A couple of comments:
a) Mine turned out a tad firmer than I would have liked so actually listen to the recipe and remove the cake from the pan after 10 minutes don't let it sit on the counter for hours... My bad.
b) If there are leftovers, put in the fridge or else mold will most definitely appear. My bad yet again.

I realized I haven't posted a food-related post in quite some time. I've been feeling less passionate about food lately. That's just where I am in my recovery. It's scary, unnerving; it's as if I lost a part of myself. I don't know where I stand in my relationship with food. Food is something I truly enjoy but I can't seem to enjoy it. 😩  It has become a chore and I hate it. I haven't felt inspired recently so it was genuinely nice to simply want to bake over the weekend. I didn't do anything but make the cake. No TV, no music, no nothing but sit with my thoughts. It was refreshing.

Speaking of refreshing, right now I'm chilling in my hotel room downtown, post hot shower with a robe on and everything. I have for an office visit tomorrow and I'm trying not to stress out too much about my internship interview by decompressing with tonight's Jimmy Fallon. Despite having coffee at 4 in the afternoon, I am pooped! My eyes are rolling as we speak, I mean type? Peace out bean sprouts. ♥

Not the best view but made me giddy nonetheless

Winter or summer fruits?
Are you a instructions follower? 
Was there a time when you felt you lost a part of yourself? How did you cope? Would love to hear your tips! 

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  1. Yay you made the cake!! Mine also turned out a little dense, more like a pound cake. And I did put it in the fridge pretty soon just out of habit so didn't experience the mold... blegh.
    As for the food thing. Girl do I hear you. I keep going in and out of phases, it seems, where I really could care less about food and find little excitement over it, and definitely don't feel like baking/cooking anything (which makes trying to weight gain pretty extra crappy). But then eventually my excitement comes back and I actually crave baking. And then I make like 5 things in one weekend aha. Its a balance I'm trying to sort out between being "too" interested in food, and not interested at all. I want to enjoy food but not to the extent that it is all I think about.

    I also just wanted to say, I was recently made aware that some of my comments on my blog weren't showing up, and I just found a whole tone in my spam queue - including comments from you!! I'm so so sorry if you noticed I wasn't responding to your comments. I read and reply to every single comment I get - I just sadly wasn't seeing yours! I've now read all your recent comments and can't thank you enough. Hopefully the problem is fixed now so we can keep in touch better. Thank you <3

    1. "I want to enjoy food but not to the extent that it is all I think about." <<< Ohmygod, yes to this!!! My family is a big food family too so I feel awful trying to change their habits as well.

      Aww, no need to apologize. It's completely fine! I thought I was doing something wrong; I've had trouble commenting on other sites in the past. Glad things were sorted out now! :D