Must Reads of the Week (7)

February 26, 2016

1. As an introvert, it takes me a while to open up to people. I like deep conversations. When I first meet you, I want to know all about your life--how did you get to where you are, what's on your bucket list, your favorite movie, food, color, book, people and why are they your favorites--but I'm terrified to ask. I keep it all in my head because people want to build up to those questions. What if I am TIRED OF SMALL TALK??? It is exhausting. The author poses are interesting take on relationships, if we skipped the small talk and started off with big talk instead.

2. You know you have an HGTV addiction when this makes too much sense.... As a side note: I totally wanted to be an interior designer up until sophomore year of high school. Then I realized I could not draw to save my life.

3. Click here if you're having a blah day. I started to accumulate my own personal "Happy List" on the back of my planner. Included on it are fuzzy, wuzzy socks, TGIF-Thursdays & long hugs where you practically inhale the person. I love a good reminder to think positively and be grateful for the little things we take for granted. Life could always be so, so much worse.

4. Loved this little article about living your own life. We strive so hard to be what we think people want us to be. In reality, all others want of us is our genuine, true human selves--insecurities, desires, capabilities, and all.

What was missing in my life wasn’t another promotion, a higher salary, or a more perfect man. What was missing was me.
 When I read ^^^ that quote, it struck a cord. Last year, I felt empty. But I felt I didn't deserve to feel that way given my put-together life: excellent grades, a supportive family, a bright, well-defined future, a skinny figure; I kept blaming myself for not feeling happy. There had to be something wrong with me. It took me a while to see that because I was chasing so many so-called ideals I was losing who I was. I was chasing these ideals because I didn't think who I was was a likeable person. If you aren't content with you and grateful for the world around you, I don't think you can ever be truly and undoubtedly happy.

5. This week's list could not be complete without mentioning some sort of National Eating Disorder Awareness month post. I've read a lot of amazing things over the past week. A couple that stood out to me that I would like to share are Julia's and Miss Polkadot's. The former: a motivational read on becoming a story of hope through her recovery. The latter: a PSA to not give into the notion of needing to exercise to eat. Two awesome & inspiring reads from two really awe-inspiring blogs/people!

Sending you all love this weekend! Go out, smell the roses, bask in the last couple of days of February, learn something new about yourself, make a stranger's day, eat good food & pass on the love.  

If you watch (too much) HGTV like I do, what's your favorite show? I love Fixer Upper (Texas pride!!!) & House Hunters!
What's on your happy list? 
Any must-reads on your end this week? 

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  1. That Small Talk article is on POINT! I need a break from the world sometimes in which I can just be quiet.

    Also, thank you for sharing my article. You are so kind. <3

    1. Yes! I treasure my alone time where I can be with my thoughts so much.

  2. As a fellow introvert I need to read that article on skipping small talk - I'm really not a fan of it.
    On my happy list are hugs. Flowers. Deep conversations [that skip the small talk]. Sunshine. Friends and family. Always. I once wrote a list of 110 things that make me happy and published it on my blog. It's a great reminder for those not-so-happy days.

    1. Totally just looked up your list. And sunshine is amaaaaazing!