Recent Eats: March

April 06, 2018

TGIF!!! Sending good vibes your way this weekend. 

Here are some of the delicious things I enjoyed during the month of March. Pretty random eats if you ask me. With my trip among other things, there was a lot of eating out in the past few weeks, which both my eating disorder and wallet are not the biggest fans of. Obviously, for the former it's an ongoing challenge that I have to learn to deal with. On the spending concerns, one of my goals is to look into getting a budget started. So if you have any tips... 

  • Grabbed lunch with my parents one day, a salad with fried artichokes and goat cheese among other toppings + a chunk of bread. The mixture of creamy, tangy and crunchy fits into the perfect equation for a salad in my book. 
  • This blueberry spelt scone up in New Haven when I was there for Spring Break
  • Celebrated St. Paddy's Day with Irish soda bread and a green shakshuka type dish that I threw together. Basically took greens and Trader Joe's green goddess dressing into a pan, added the eggs and feta cheese.
  • Tried one of the new Siggi's flavors -- mango jalapeΓ±o. Not my all-time favorite Siggi's (forever and ever their vanilla) but was pretty good. I love the sweet and spicy combo!

  • No longer the season for it necessarily but this curried sweet potato soup with autumnal goodies--roasted brussels sprouts, pomegranate seeds and toasted pepitas--but seriously one of the best soups I have probably ever tasted. 

  • In that meatless Monday cooking class I took, we made a beet hummus (sans tahini for me 😟) and smashed pea ricotta toast. Gotta love a classic pair like that.
  • Another absolutely amazing meal at Mot Hai Ba, this fancier Vietnamese restaurant, before watching a play with my family. This was their braised beet salad with crispy shallots and coconut cream. Look at that plating!!! 😍😍😍

  • This different blueberry oatmeal where you puree all the ingredients--including the oats--before cooking. An interesting texture. Almost like a muffin but actually enjoyed it and will be doing it again! Found a similar using apples so stay tuned!
  • Made brown butter chocolate oatmeal! Chocolate! For breakfast! Topped with dates and coconut. 

Do you keep a budget? 
What are your favorite salad toppings? 
What are you most excited for in April? 

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  1. beet hummus sounds amazing! same with that scone. I tried butternut squash hummus a few weeks back and man, there are so many cool and yummy different types of hummus out there. hope you are doing well girl!

    1. Butternut squash anything is my jam.
      Hope you are too Lyss!!

  2. You have one seriously good taste palate. Fried artichokes with goat cheese? Ummmmmm yes I would like to try this. Heading over to check out that oatmeal recipe. Sounds intriguing. Its weird, I've actually been struggling to think of fun and exciting new things to have for breakfast :s.

    1. Let me know what you think of the oatmeal! And hoping you feel inspired soon! :)