Must-Reads of the Week (39)

April 15, 2018

Hope you are having a fabulous weekend friends. I apologize for another long must-reads post; I accumulate waaaay too many good ones, let them pile up before sharing 'em on here. I'm bound to learn my lesson eventually.

On Body Image & Exercise:

How to accept your changing body

Getting back into exercising (beyond yoga) has been a goal of mine and my dietician's for my last semester. With under a month left now, I'm not sure how attainable that is so Kylie's thoughts on what she learned from a break from exercise came at the right time.

Absolutely loved Roxane Gay's book, Hunger, and was excited to hear about the Unruly Bodies series on Medium this month. Here's my favorite one that I've come across so far: The Body on the Other Side of Self-Hatred
"My body is mine, and because I am important to myself now, so is my body in its every scar, bump, fat roll, and bruise." 
Food & Diet Related:

Great advice on how meal planning and intuitive eating can work together

Why Guilt-Free Foods are a Lie
"Eating is pleasure and is part of everyday life. And if you forget that, repeat these words: “I don’t have to feel guilty, because I haven’t done anything wrong.”

To Think About:

On the privilege of traveling.

The trick to small talk? Asking number-related questions

Even as I'm still in it, I know deep down that college was not as amazing as many make it out to be. With graduation looming, however, part of me has been worried that I hit my peak. So I was reassured by Davida's post on her college experience and how they weren't the best years of her life either. On a slightly related note, if you are struggling, please talk to someone; seriously, it was one of the best decisions in college and life to go see a therapist.

From Medium: Three Things We Should Have Learned in School But Never Did

"When we view the world through the lens of scarcity, the way we see the world becomes incredibly limited." 

Fun Stuff:

Another before and after photography project this time depicting how the American suburbia has changed.

A sneak peek behind Broadways doors

This hilarious list of 100+ potential Wi-Fi Names. Some of my favorites: Tell my Wifi Love Her, Drop It Like It's Hotspot, and Everyday I'm Buffering.

What are your grocery shopping staples? 
What is or was your college experience like?
If you consider yourself a minimalist (or minimalist wannabe like me), which type are you? 

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  1. love that article on the privilege of traveling. it really is such a privilege: one I have been reminding myself of a ton lately. thanks for sharing all these!

    1. Glad that resonated with you! It stuck with me too.