Week in Review: Fool Me Once

April 02, 2018

Sadly, not too many pictures this week; all I got for you are these quick tacos I had for dinner one day this week -- beans, roasted turnips, lettuce, radishes, pickled onions and yogurt on corn tortillas.

Nevertheless, quickly joining Meghan for another Week in Review!

  • Fooled my friends on April 1st! Made them think I was tricking them when I really wasn't. So I guess I reverse April Fool's-d them? I am pretty notorious for getting them (...or at least trying to...) so it was great it actually worked! 
  • Attended another cooking class. This one was Meatless Monday themed with my mama! 
  • Saw Say Anything! Honestly haven't seen too many classic movies but definitely want to see more. Any recommendations? 
  • Did yoga outdoors, which becomes much much harder when you can't breathe through your nose. 😩 Thank you seasonal allergies. 
  • Went to a vegan market pop-up shop. 
  • Ran laundry and changed my sheets. Not sure if i've mentioned this but putting sheets on my bed is one of the chores I detest the most. As a side note, even after watching numerous videos on it, I still can't fold a fitted sheet. 🙈
  • Made a wax appointment! And a doctor's appointment! And scheduled my upcoming therapy sessions for the month. 
  • Watched Waitress with my family -- absolutely in love with the soundtrack! Especially this song and this song
  • Got outside! Took a walk to a nearby park while listening to an episode of Invisibilia. Knew I needed a break and was starting to feel cooped up in my apartment. 
  • All the while, attempted to prepare for my next CPA test tomorrow, which I am procrastinating even further by writing this but what's new.  So hopefully this explains why I'll have to cut it relatively short here!! 
Did you get anyone on April Fool's Day this year? If not, did you celebrate Easter? 
Can you fold a fitted sheet? 
What are you currently listening to on repeat? 

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  1. Alright now my head hurts.. . Reverse April fools'ed them. Oie. Well however you managed to do that... huge congrats. Putting sheets back on my bed is the chore I hate THE MOST. If Dan didn't instigate it half the time it just wouldn't get done. Happy Easter!

    1. It's the absolute worst!! It's the 21st century; I feel like this shouldn't be as much as a struggle as it is.
      Happy Easter to you too!

  2. Ahhh I hope the CPA test went well. I'm sure you did fine, although I know they are incredibly difficult.

    I can't fold a fitted sheet either.

    All you need is a taco picture and I'm happy. :)

    Try Reality Bites. I used to love that movie back in the day. Oh and Singles.

    1. Both of those movies sound really good! Will definitely have to check them out.
      We will one day figure out this fitted sheet dilemma.