Recent Eats: October

November 05, 2017

Happy Sunday! I hope you enjoyed that extra hour of sleep from last night's time change. Just another reminder that the new year is in sight. And still my family has yet to put together our menu for Thanksgiving. Which is only 3 weeks away might I add. EEEK. So, so much has to be done in the next 6 weeks before the semester ends and I head off for my trip back to the Philippines. In the mean time, I'll keep making and eating good food. 

Hoping to give you some food-spiration as we enter this new month. But also want to note that these are things I enjoy; this isn't meant to be a place for comparison of any kind. Find what works for you and your body and your life. On the same token, I'm going to try to be as with real with y'all as possible on what I ate or didn't eat. I think that's what I owe not only you but also my own recovery.   

Not a big recipe repeater but Naturally Ella's cauliflower skillet is too good. Especially love that spiced chutney with it. Also digging the simplicity but adaptability of grilled cheeses as of late. Bread + cheese + veg. Mmmhmm... (PS my hand is blocking the other half of that sandwich )

As I mentioned last week, my family and I went out for my mom's birthday brunch. I got this larger-than-my-head-sized omelette with goat cheese and tomatoes among other fillings of deliciousness. We also split amongst the four of us a couple of desserts like this bourbon, sweet potato and pecan pie--the epitome of fall desserts all in one, or should I say ePIEtome. 

Speaking of fall, loving all the squashes ever! For example, at one cooking class I attended, we made these vegan tacos filled with spicy pepitas, butternut squash, greens and a cashew crema. On a slight tangent, we had them on mitad mitad tortillas--a corn-flour blend. Seriously my all-time favorite tortillas, the perfect mixture of a corn tortilla's bite with the softness of a flour one as to not completely fall apart on you. Also, busted out some pumpkin soup my mom gave me for an anomalous chilly day lunch. 

Despite this snippets of fall foods in throughout my month, for the most part, I've actually been eating like it's summer/spring. October was filled with picnics in the arboretum, free smoothies in the morning, overnight oats--from triple coconut to chocolate zucchini--and taking my self out for brunch.

Corn or flour tortillas?
What's your favorite fall squash dish?
What are your Thanksgiving plans? 

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  1. I did enjoy my extra hour of sleep. :) Did you?
    Your cooking classes sound so cool and fun! Where do you take them?

    1. At a Texas grocery chain called Central Market! Kinda similar to Whole Foods but in my opinion better 😉 And yes, they are loads of fun especially with family ☺️

  2. Jealous of you taking cooking classes - so cool!!

    That cauliflower skillet sounds delicious. And seriously, nothing beats a grilled cheese or plain old sandwich. If there's good bread and cheese, it's just magic.