Must-Reads of the Week (30)

November 10, 2017

Happy Friday friends! 

Headed out this afternoon for a quick trip to Austin with family (though instead I really should be holding off since Thanksgiving break is a week away). Before I go, here are some things I have enjoyed on the Interwebs lately: 

Things to Think About

On practicing gratitude

Lovely advice from Megan on handling the burnout of life's daily grind 

"Even the things that are fun can become a little too much sometimes."

What potatoes and emotional support have in common. Yup you read that correctly. 

25 Tiny Changes That'll Make You Feel Really Good About Life 

Intuitive Eating/HAES/Anti-Diet Mentality/Recovery

What "feeling fat" is really pointing to

Usually not a big fan of what 'health experts' have to say but this one actually seems to promote balanced eating in a do-able sense and debunk diet myths

Rachel (aka ex-Avocado A Day Nutrition) on a common misconpcetion of intuitive eating

As usual, Kylie's posts are top notch


Something that's on my list of stuff to practice more is food photography. Here are 5 ways find your style c/o Juli

Plus Broma Bakery's webcast that I missed last week is sitting in my inbox waiting for me to give it a listen

Self-care-y stuff

Leah on boring self-care

Have yet to make it through reading this entire list buuut even more tiny ways to practice self care

What a cast iron pan can teach you about caring for yourself

Random mood-boosters

My friend sent this Buzzfeed quiz to me. Whether or not your day is going horribly, we all deserve a compliment. 

For Stranger Things fans (fyi, no spoilers to the new season please!!!), I present the Upside Down motown group

How do you practice gratitude?
If you own a cast iron too, how do you 'season' it? 
What TV show are you currently obsessed with?

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