Month in Review + Notes to Self

October 30, 2017

Cheating a little bit over here and reviewing what has happened in the last month instead of a just a week's recap due to a) the craziness of life, b) my intense procrastination/lack of motivation. Also including some friendly reminders to myself for the future. Maybe they might serve as lessons for you too. As per usual, thank you Meghan for this link-up

Finally finally finally got through (well, like 90% through but that's 90% more than last week!) these dozens of posts I had saved up to read. 

Note to self: Something I never seem to learn--don't let blog posts pile up. Just don't. 

Dealt with some sink issues when the garbage disposal backed up and consequently the  pipe underneath burst. 

Note to self: Though not the primary cause, apparently you shouldn't throw rice down the sink garbage disposal either. 

I needed to get out of my apartment was pleasant Sunday afternoon or my thoughts were going to drive me crazy. So I walked over to campus and enjoyed the quiet time outdoors while studying and reading. Unfortunately, got a lovely remembrance of that day with a bajillion mosquito bites all over my body. 

Note to self: Even if you see just one mosquito, move to a different spot.

Attended a couple of cooking classes with my family. The first was all about grilling and the second was a meatless Monday meal! Yumyumyum all around. 

Note to self: One of the things I learned was, heavier squash = more water = more tender = better. 

Went to the Dallas arboretum with my family! Got to see all the pumpkins ever. Wish we had more time there but we ended up getting an annual pass so looks more arboretum time is in my future! 

Note to self: Picnic-ing is rarely a bad idea. 

Finally decided on a dietician (sticking with the one on-campus I've been with for the past 2 or so years).

Note to self: Decisions, once made, are not as scary as you expect. So stop fretting and just decide already.

On that note, I've been learning to communicate my needs with her more around the future of my recovery plan. So we've done concrete homework/challenges around food.

Note to self: Baked stuffed sweet potatoes are delicious--like this one below with chicken tortilla soup (thought it was my mom's chili in the freezer whoopsies) with beet greens and topped with cheese and yogurt. Also, there are certain foods that I forget I really really enjoy until I'm actually eating them, for example, tuna (especially in pasta!!) and potatoes.

Spent mornings in the kitchen packing my day's meals with this lil' guy (my roomie's new German shepherd pup) who won't be so little in a couple of weeks.

Note to self: Nothing new but dogs make me happy. Though I also realized that I am not ready for a puppy of my own.

Actually brought my granny butt to a rooftop bar for a friend's 23rd birthday party.

Note to self: Still not my scene of choice; however, it honestly wasn't too, too terrible.

Though still not as much as I would like, have been enjoying getting back into the kitchen and baking. Made blueberry scones as well as this triple coconut bread loaf. Into the freezer the extras go!

Note to self: Double check that the picture you took actually saved. A lot of my food pics have just straight up disappeared as of late like one of a delicious root vegetable chip breakfast nachos meal. Ugh the smartphone struggle.

Have attempted to incorporate stillness into my life. Actually something I'm trying to work on with my therapist. And it just so happened Cora and Naomi talked about it in the past weeks too.

Note to self in the words of Naomi:
"When my soul is still, the work is light."

Got a free gallon of local ice cream just for showing up wearing PJs.

Note to self: Patience pays off. 

Attended the Texas Veggie Fair last weekend, a festival for vegans (and non-vegans in my case) alike.

Note to self: To repeat myself, just decide already. A friend and I were talking foooooorever to pick a place to buy food and when we finally did the place we chose went on a 30 minute break. Oh life.

Got my hair cut! ....but no one noticed I got one so it felt like a waste.

Note to self: The hairstylist who did my hair was trying to encourage me to get bangs or get a more drastic look. So next time, go for the bangs...or at least take more risks. 

In an effort to take better care of my skin, I put on a face mask one night. And it felt...awkward? Maybe I'm just not used to the feeling of having a wet piece of anything on my face for 15 minutes. 

Note to self: But sometimes you gotta force self-care

Went to the mall to get some holiday shopping done. During and afterwards, it felt like it a giant waste of time especially since I spent a good half an hour trying to pick stuff that I didn't end up buying.

Note to self: Free chocolate doesn't solve your problems or make them disappear but boy does it make you feel slightly better.

Watched Best In Show, a mockumentary about the Westminster dog show (Totally recommend!) with some friends then went out for Thai food. Spent more time together than I planned to/allotted for in my schedule. Gotta keep reminding myself that there is more to life than checking the boxes on my to-do list. 

Note to self: Let go of control; you cannot plan out everything.

Celebrated my mother's birthday with a lovely Southern brunch. 

Note to self: I really ❤️  my family. Oh, and dress up more because I was so underdressed compared to the rest of my family and totally ruined this picture. 

That's all folks! Hopefully will talk to you in less than a month from now. But until then, take care of yourself. 

What's something, food related or not, that you don't remember how much you enjoy until you're eating/doing it?
What have you been procrastinating recently?
Share one of your own notes-to-self! 

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  1. Free chocolate always makes me feel better, self care is almost always worth it and heavy fruit and squash usually means more juice.

    Happy Monday and thanks for linking up.

  2. The pumpkin patch looks like so much fun!

  3. Love this fun idea for a post. And oh my gosh. I am the worst at decisions. They're a big challenge for me too.
    Mosquitos in October? That just sounds cruel and unusual.
    Bars aren't my scene of choice, either. Glad you got to spend time with your friend for her birthday, though!

    1. I most definitely prefer my bars in chocolate form 😉

  4. Ugh the struggle is real! I have so many blog posts I want to read and I keep saving them as something to do in my downtime and then I don't get to read them until much later than I'd like.
    I didn't realize that about squash! I'll have to keep that in mind next time I'm squash shopping...
    "Let go of control; you cannot plan out everything." Such an important reminder that I need to hear all too often.
    I agree, face masks can feel awkward. Kind of along the same lines: one of my notes to self is always always ALWAYS blend the banana when you're making a banana honey coconut oil hair mask. Mashing is fine for just banana and avocado, but I don't know if it was clumps of banana combined with honey or what...anyways, it took me forever and a year to get all the banana out of my hair. Like, there was no hot water left by the time I was sort of kind of almost done. I found this out yesterday. Never again.
    So fun to read this and catch up with you! And thanks for the love and sharing the snippet from that post! <3

    1. Yikes!! That sounds messy.
      On that note, I've been meaning to try some DIY natural face mask things. Do you have any other go-tos that have worked for you?