Recent Eats: September

October 12, 2017

Almost two weeks into this new month and here I am still living in September. It may be because I'm not ready to let go of summer just yet. Though this week fall has seemingly crept upon on Texas (or at least for a couple of days since it'll be in the 90s again tomorrow), denial and my pride have stopped me from wearing the appropriate attire. Soooo, I was freezing in this 'cold' weather.

No real themes today just good, good food to share with y'all. As in the past, throwing this reminder that this is not meant to be a point of comparison. Please feed yourself with what you need. Learn to listen to your own body. My main goal here is to share a common love for a variety of foods. 

Good examples of how warm weather & summer vibes are still with me:
  • The perfect overlap of the seasons: oatmeal with figs, yogurt and cacao nibs
  • A play on this salad sans almonds because allergies suck but added corn so that kinda-almost-but-not-really makes up for it
  • Another salad of sorts this time with crumbled goat cheese, fresh mushrooms and a smoked salmon spread my mom brought me back from her Canada trip + a side of grapes and leftover restaurant made potato chips 
  • The only thing better than custard is free custard c/o parentals. Opted for chocolate topped with strawberries! 

More random meals
  • Sandwich consisting of: a vegan cashew queso I made, avocado and farmer's market romaine 
  • Had a BOGO coupon at a make your own pizza type place so treated my aunt one weekday evening. Had about 3 slices and some broccoli. 

Birthday eats! 
  • A friend got me this faux-stess cupcake (from the vegan bakery I was working at over the summer) for an early birthday present. Literally and figuratively sweet! 
  • Another snap of food I ate whilst in New York -- a banh mi parantha taco. That's like 3 cuisines in one--Indietnamex? 
Favorite ice cream toppings? 
What have you been enjoying lately--be it food, books, shows, etc.

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  1. Happy belated (or maybe early?) birthday! I love the addition of fresh figs to some of your meals. They look so juicy. Lately, I've been enjoying slow mornings. Breakfast, devotions, pjs...they're good on their own but even better when experienced all at once.

    1. Thanks Vangie! Your slow mornings sound wonderful. I need more of those in my life. Happy weekend!

  2. Aw how nice that you treated your Aunt with your coupon. And lovely pictures!!

    Happy early birthday!? or belated!?!?

    Like Vangie I've also been enjoying slow mornings at home with my own coffee. I love my coffeeshops but I've been digging this extra quiet time away from the stress that the rest of my day brings.

    1. As the weather cools, I am valuing those mornings in at home more too.
      Thank you again!

  3. Every time you post one of these, I'm feeling serious food envy. Around here, we have barely any options for eating out though I'd really like to make up for past years.
    You're so sweet for inviting your aunt to lunch. On a week night at that which - at least over here - is extra special [we rarely ate/eat ( yes, both past and present) out during the week].

    1. Hmm, that's interesting how different it is there. Would love to see one of your Germany vs USA posts on all of that!

  4. Raspberries on ice cream is the best. Although I'll admit that I usually by ice cream with mix-ins, and for that I'm typically a no-toppings gal.
    It blows my mind that it could be in the 90s in October. I guess that's Texas. Enjoy the warm before the cold starts to come in!

    1. Agreed! If there are mix-ins, I don't need toppings too!

  5. Everything looks delicious, as always! What an adorable cupcake. I usually don't go for many ice cream toppings, but with chocolate ice cream, I LOVE putting peanut butter on top.

    1. Thanks Naomi! Not a big PB fan but replace that with any other nut butter and I'm on board!