Recent Eats: August

September 02, 2017

Same old story at the end of August as I've had in the past, asking myself how we got to this point in the year. Looking ahead to the new month, there is a lot going on for me, including a trip to New York at the end of the month. Undoubtedly, as the weather outside gets cooler and the layers on my back get thicker the last third of 2017 is going to breeze by. 

Before I get to the food, I want to remind y'all again that I mean these Recent Eats posts to be inspiration and not comparison. I want to bond over our love of foods of all kinds. I don't want to make someone feel better or worse about themselves for looking at what I'm eating. You have your own body, mind, feelings, life. Trust yourself and where your body is at at the moment. Give yourself what you need right now.
Ooodles and ooodles of noodles
One thing I've been loving lately = Japanese noodles! That perfect chew in every bite. 
  • Over last weekend, while in Austin, my cousin made us homemade udon noodles. He also made a bacon broth (!!!) for said noodles. Served with tofu and blanched bok choy.
  • I took some of the noodles home and used leftover vegan broth I had in the freezer (loosely based on Kylie's recipe). This time with fresh spinach, roasted brussel sprouts and crunchy, sweet Filipino dilis on top. 
  • Went out with my parents at this pop-up called Uncommon Ramen, which featured other chefs' takes on ramen. The one that night was a bouillabaisse broth with seafood and braised leeks. We also split a couple of other things amongst the three of us.  

As I scrolled through my pictures, I noticed all these delicious vegetarian meals. Whether it be eating out--like that falafel & quinoa bowl loaded with all the Mediterranean goodies, veggie burger or a simple breakfast of arugula, black beans and sweet potatoes with a cashew sauce--or meals in--like this fig, goat cheese & walnut puff that my mother made or a quick chickpea, spinach and tomato stew thing I threw together. 

Peaches be crazy
Lastly, of course with the end of the season comes time to say goodbye to the summer goodies. Definitely been savoring all the summery fruits while I can--especially figs. Also depicted are peaches and plumcots. Oh, can't forget about that Texas-sized junior scoop of chocolate ice cream! 

If you've been to New York, got any food recommendations?
Have you ever made your own noodles? 
What's your favorite summer fruit? 

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  1. The second paragraph made me beam. Thanks for that important reminder. And holy moly, your recent eats look ahmazing. I'm still jealous of the fresh figs. I need to find some asap.

    1. Thanks Vangie! Yes go get those figs while you still can!