Must-Reads of the Week (28)

September 01, 2017

Boy, has it been a while since I've shared some links with y'all. Or at least it feels like it has. Sending my thoughts, love and prayers to the people of Houston. It . Completely unfathomable.

Here are more than enough reads to get you through this long weekend: Happy Friday

Facts about time that will blow your mind.

Fat is a noun; not an adjective.

This NYTimes essay on failing in college.

As someone with orthorexic tendencies, a reminder that  'clean' eating shouldn't take precedence over living life.

Feeling like a mess?? We may actually be more put together than we give ourselves credit for. Don't forget to celebrate your adulting wins.
For example,
  • calling your grandparents without prompting from your parents
  • scheduling your own massage/haircut/nail salon 
  • remembering to take the trash out
What do you get when you cross bible verses and millennial speak? One of my fave lines:

And God said, “Let there be light,” and it was lit AF.

Loving my fellow bloggers have been writing:

  • Vangie's wonderful read on how distraction might be affecting your health--all facets of it
  • Joyce's post on the support (or rather lack of support) of friends and family in recovery, something I struggle with completely 
  • Naomi's advice on figuring out your motivation behind food and movement choices. 
Am I making this decision out of care for myself and my body or out of a place of trying to control my body?

Even if you graduated college years ago, these podcasts still seem totally relevant. Definitely gonna check them out.

Discovered Rachel Cole's blog and immediately loved her musings especially this piece about making decisions when navigating the tricky process of intuitive eating.

Some advice on platonic and romantic relationships

Excited to watch Anthony Bourdain's upcoming documentary on food waste.

May not be a mother but hearing a foreigner's outlook on what parenting looks like in my hometown of Manila. Side note: I only just learned that Bring Me is not a common party game here. WHAAAAT?!!

Lots of expert tips for coping with anxiety. I personally find making to-do lists, deep breathing and observing what I see/hear helpful.

What have you been reading around the interweb lately? 
What was your favorite game from birthday parties as a kid?
Did any of those anxiety tips resonate with you?

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