Week in Review: It was a week where...

August 07, 2017

Hello Monday! Before I get started with this week's review, needed to share my disbelief: HOW IS WEEK 1 OF AUGUST OVER WITH?!! 😫 It hit me a few nights ago while I was lying in bed with those late-night thoughts that the end of the year is just around the corner. This time last year I was vacationing in the Philippines gearing up for my senior year of college. And here we are. Usually by now I'm crossing people off my Christmas gift list but this year I am waaaay behind. Anywho.

It was a week where... 
  • I treated myself out to a fancy lunch with gift card for a free entree at the Dallas Fish Market--I tried the Texas redfish served with an endive salad and paprika & seaweed butter. To make that even more delicious, they served a complimentary mini cheddar jalapeño biscuit to start and a mini lemon poppyseed muffin to finish the meal. I would share pictures I captured but those got lost in the cloud because of...
  • My phone stopped working--I was using my messaging app then literally out of no where it powered down and it would not boot back up. Unfortunately, this wasn't new; it's happened to my mom's and cousin's phones. In the moment it was frustrating since it was yet another thing to have to get done. For a day or so, I was completely phone-less, which was not as anxiety provoking as I thought it would be. The biggest thing I missed though was knowing exactly what time it was. I have a temporary phone now but I've been holding off on downloading apps so definitely have been on it less. Honestly though this happening has been both bad and good. Bad for obvious reasons but it's been refreshing to disconnect a little bit. 
  • I covered someone's shift at work. Speaking of, I only have one week left at the bakery since I'll be starting classes back up soon. 😢  Def gonna miss this job. 
  • I made vegan hot cross buns--Used this recipe subbing cashew for almond milk and spelt for regular flour. Also made these chocolate chip spelt & oat cookies a day late for National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day. Better late than never, yeah? Especially when it comes to cookies. 

  • I felt completely exhausted--I think I was still catching up from the lack of sleep last weekend. T'was a struggle to get up every morning but at the same time the days just flew by.
  • I saw the bottom of my desk for the first time in months. 
Right before I moved another stack of papers on
  • The Paw Patrol theme song got stuck in my head--I know very, very random. To clarify, my roomie leaves the TV on for her dog while she's away--completely adorable IMO--and her channel of choice is Nickelodeon.  Hence, Paw Patrol for morning background noise whilst I sit in the living room. I try to stay out there with her because if not she's just waiting for my roomie to get back right beside the door. 
Another adorably sad momen
  • I almoooost caught up on blog reading. Just two handfuls more I promise to get to! 
  • The last of my actual summer classes took place--Now gotta push through 3 tests this week. Wish me luck particularly since I find that it's during finals week--where I should be stressing out the most--that I often procrastinate the hardest. As my sister nicely reframed it, finals week is likely when one may need to be engaging in self-care the most 😉
  • I posted a Day in Review, July's Eats as well as my Vegas trip recap. Whoa. 

  • I purchased 6 books and 2 DVDs for $12 (+ a $5 entrance ticket)--The Plano Public Library held its annual sale over the weekend where no book was over $2. So overwhelming but in the best way possible. And I thought I would only spend an hour there... HA! Who was I kidding?!
  • Enjoyed a croissant waffle ice cream sandwich after watching The Big Sick (110% recommend by the way) with my sister & mother. Picked the blueberry cheesecake flavor with graham cracker sugar. Life is sweet indeed. 🍦

Do you struggle with feeling anxious when you don't have your phone with you? 
When do you start holiday shopping?
Favorite thing you ate this weekend? 

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  1. Oh my goodness, that croissant waffle ice cream sandwich. Blueberry cheesecake ice cream. That is seriously the stuff of my dreams. I'm sorry about your phone but glad you've been able to enjoy a break. I only have a few more weeks at the restaurant job before classes start and you're right, it's sad and I'm going to miss it. :( Also, yay for treating yourself to a fancy lunch! I love that.

    1. It was oh so dreamy.
      Had my last day today. Feeling quite sentimental. Hope you enjoy the remaining time you have at your job!

  2. Well you'll always be ahead of me for Christmas shopping because I wait waaay too late to get it done...like beginning-mid December. I know :( I'm such a procrastinator with shopping and gift purchasing. Vegan Hot Cross buns sound awesome! I'm actually going to use that recipe and make some. Probably today because it's rainy, and rainy days were made for baking.

    1. At least you know how to cram everything in in a couple of weeks! That's a talent right there.
      Let me know if you end up making them! I wish I had added more dried fruits in mine.

  3. Wow, we must be twining today. My phone just died, I mentioned Christmas shopping in today's post and I really want that mini cheddar jalapeño biscuit.

    Happy Monday and thanks for linking up.

    1. Yay for twining but boo for dying phones :(

  4. Oh my god. Right? Where the HECK did the summer go?? For me, May/June seemed to go by at a fine rate, but then July and August!? Um.... what!?!

    I can't believe you are getting ready to start classes again. Geez louise.

    I AM very happy though that you are getting in things like incredible looking waffle ice cream sandwiches (hello what is this piece of heaven!?) before the summers' over. And movies and baking and solo lunch dates. Mmm. So nice.

    Phones breaking are always a bit of a blessing in disguise, I think. Annoying and unideal, yes, but sometimes a really nice reminder.

    1. For real!!! I am looking forward to a week of break and taking care of myself. Hopefully the movies, delicious eats, and self-dates (or a combination of all three together!) become a more regular thing even once classes resume.
      Hope you're making time for you, Cora. :)

  5. hey thanks for making my oat and spelt flour cookies new friend! xoxo

    1. Thank YOU for sharing the recipe! Yummy in my tummy!