Week In Review: Overthinking & Underdoing

October 31, 2016


Bleeeeeech. That's how my weekend felt. I am feeling overwhelmed and stressed out. And I know when I am stressed, I start to overthink E V E R Y T H I N G. Not good because when I overthink, I control. What's worse is my overthinking leads to me being less productive, me questioning why can't I just be productive, me questioning the questioning and the stress cycle continues. I've been so wrapped up in my racing thoughts and very future-focused. I need to slow down. I need to give presence to the present. I need to breathe. My motivation has been nonexistent, which doesn't exactly help either.

As per usual, when my brain is beating down on me for being a failure, it's Week in Review time:
  • Did an artsy, mosaic thing for our Halloween at work. My aim was to use as few artistic skills as possible. But it's awesome when your workday is basically crafting for a couple of hours 👌👌👌
  • Got my tattoo over a week ago so not part of this week's WIR exactly but I've been taking care of it so that's gotta count as an accomplishment! 
  • Celebrated 2 National Food Days last week: keeping it simple with figs & dark chocolate for Chocolate Day (10/28) and turmeric oatmeal for Oatmeal Day (10/29). I completely get the food blogger world's whole obsession now. This bowl was magical 😍  Plus, look at the poms! 

  • Baked a sheet of spelt foccacia from Food and Wine. Seriously, nothing nothing compares to warm, fresh bread. Can't wait for more baking adventures as the weather cools. 

  • Went on a quick coffee date with someone from Tinder (hey, no judging!!!). Enjoyed talking to him though not so much the drink. I never learn not to order coffee so late in the afternoon because it really messes with me.  
  • Roasted the rainbow -- yellow zucchini, brussels, kobocha squash & chickpeas. If I cook like it's fall, maybe we will magically fast-forward to Thanksgiving break!!
  • Watched not 1, not 2 but 3 movies in the span of 7 days. That seriously must be a record for me. 
  • The usual chore culprits: laundry folding, dish washing, nail polish removing, changing my sheets, etcetera, etcetera. 
  • Did some morning yoga last Saturday and progressed on my crow pose. Woop, woop! 
  • After exercising (^^^) in the sunshine with my mama, I exercised my right to vote for the first time (see what I did there heheh). Don't wanna instigate a whole political debate but no matter who you're rooting for GO VOTE!!!  

P.S. What were you for Halloween? Though I'm not a big Halloween person, as I mentioned earlier, we have a mini-party at work so I am gonna be a Bee (hence my bee reminder up there ^^^^)!! 🐝  

Featuring my toothbrush and hoard of Central Market bags

How do you deal with overthinking? 
Have ya seen any good movies recently?
Name your favorite fall activities!

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  1. I am always overthinking everything! Sometimes I just force myself to stop or try to find other distractions. That bread sounds so delicious, I agree nothing beats fresh warm homemade bread. And I love that you called it roasting the rainbow! So good to get all those healthy colors in though :)

    1. Distractions are good for me too. I think that's why weekends (when there's no school in my case) are the hardest.
      Roasted veggies are seriously the best way to eat veggies!