Must-Reads of the Week (17)

October 14, 2016

Amidst the midterm craziness that's about to commence, I wanted to to assure you all that I am, in fact, still alive despite the inactiveness of this blog. Because of said craziness, I'm going to keep avoid writing and refer you instead to some other awesome posts from around the web. Peace out, beansprouts!

1. I oh so very much miss the blogging verse especially staying up to date with Julia's blog. I know this is more than a tad (aka a month late) but it just goes to show how I keep meaning to write this blog post and keep putting it off. Just had to share her words on affirmations. When I'm feeling overwhelmed, my go-to affirmation of sorts comes from Brene Brown: "No matter what gets done and how much is left undone, I am enough."

2. What's procrastination without adding more to my to-make recipes? Like this black eyed pea hummus, or spelt foccacia, or these coconut almond bites... You get the idea.

3. We get it in our heads that college is the end all, be all. They will be the "best four years of your life." Recently, with it being my senior year, I have felt I wasted these so called best years. But as this article notes, life doesn't stop after graduation. There will always be more time to find yourself, to recreate yourself, to fail, to succeed, to live.

4. To anyone struggling with body image & self-love right now: A good reminder to keep at it and take care of your body, mind and soul. Your weight is just another meaningless number is the grand scheme of things. You are more than what you look like.

5. Lastly, I will leave you with this post from Buzzfeed to honor Mental Health Week this past week. Seriously, one of the most powerful, ED-related things I've read in a while.
"Always I wonder if recovery ever exists. If I’m ever to be rid of this. I feel like it will always be on the periphery, a thing inside of me. It will always be there within me and every day I will think about it as it looks me in the face. It is about food and it is not about food at all; it has nothing to do with food but with things even more primal and closer to the bottom of being human. It is about control and desire and denial and all I can do is wrestle with it." 
Got any recipes to share? 
Or affirmations? 
How is your October going? 

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