Week in Review: Tender Loving (Self) Care

September 19, 2016


Over a month since my last post. Wow. I know--I'm terrible at keeping promises. 😭  The past month has been pretty hectic. Now with classes fully in the swing of things I feel I have no time for me and when I do have time, my brain immediately thinks I have to be doing something better with my time. That all accumulated this weekend where I was being hard on myself, which meant it was time for another....

So, here I am on a Sunday night trying to compose this post before bed time. Didn't realize until writing this how much I missed blogging. Note to self: some TL(S)C--tender loving self care--never hurt ya. I am so making TLSC a thing. 'Til next time even if that may be a month from now (just kidding, I hope)!
  • In retrospect, despite how "unproductive" and "unmotivated" I felt, I got a good chunk of school stuff done. Basically all my meals have been spent multitasking & look like this:

  • ....with the occasional night of Gossip Girl, ice cream & coloring.
  • Did a couple of loads of laundry and washed several (AKA too many) dishes by hand. <<< Seriously one of my least favorite chores.
  • Found my new go-to morning yoga stretch. For less than 10 minutes of stretching, I definitely felt an up in energy level. Great way to start the day! 
  • Completed my first exam of the semester. And have two more this week. How am I 1/4 of the way through my senior year of college!?? 
  • Daily (or even several times a day) walks to and from my new apartment made even better with views of the sunset/moon.

  • Expanded my NPR listening to beyond car rides. I am an old lady for realz.

  • Took myself out for a much needed date to explore the Design District in Dallas on Saturday. Brunch consisted of a Mexican omelet (pico + all the cheese + more salsa). 
  • Successfully took photos (like the one waaaaaay up there) for the photography class I'm taking this semester. 
  • Went grocery shopping and found these bad boys on clearance. What's better than nutbutter? Nutbutter on sale. (Giving myself a well deserved self five for these steals. Heck yes!)

- How do you like to start your mornings? 
- What's your favorite brunch food? 
- Have you gotten any great shopping deals recently? 

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  1. Don't be that hard on yourself! You got a lot done and we all need to make time for self-care, especially in hectic times.
    Nut butter bargains sound amazing! Not something you'll find over here.
    My favourite way to start the morning is by reading in a book. No checking Instagram and getting stressed.

    1. Awww, thank you. I really need to be stricter on myself with the no Instagram in the morning rule.

  2. Uh washing dishes is one of my least favorite chores too, along with vacuuming my stairs because they'r carpeted. All your meals look delicious even though you were multi-tasking through them. I do that often too. My favorite brunch food is definitely omelets, I could do without the pancakes and waffles, give me all the eggs!

    1. I would much rather use a dish washer! I had poached eggs the other day too and that yolk porn was epic. 👌

  3. Welcome back. It's so nice to see you again, and I love the self care them. So much so, I think we should do some WIRs focused solely on self care. I think I'll announce it next week for the following week.

    My favorite part of this post is the Gossip Girl with a side of ice cream and adult coloring although that omelet is a close second.

    Way to juggle real life with a good dose of self care.

    Thanks for linking up.

    1. Thanks, Meghan! I'm glad to be back. :)
      Self care WIRs sound like an awesome idea!