Week(End) in Review

April 11, 2016

Here's a little glimpse into my weekend c/o Clean Eats Fast Feets' Week in Review! I've been feeling blah the past week. So I took time for myself over the past few days and took some mental breaks. Hopefully I can be kinder to myself throughout the upcoming days too.  

  • Made some breakfast nachos for a late Sunday morning meal. Sweet potato chips + scrambled eggs + sour cream + pico de gallo + green onions + smoky cheddar + shaved carrots... mmmhmm. Managed not to burn the chips this time. 
  • Rediscovered my liking of playing the piano and proceeded to relearn some old pieces and try out new ones. Great way to productively procrastinate. 🎶
  • As I mentioned, the past few days have been tough on my emotional state. The I'm-about-to-burst-into-tears-at-any-moment-for-no-reason mood. Chose to clear my mind with the best show ever aka Gossip Girl (hey, no hatin' allowed here). This scene always gets me! 😌

  • Ordered Warby Parker shades for a home try-on. I've been wanting prescription sunglasses for the longest time. The glasses struggle is real. I know, I know, they all look alike. I swear they're different frames though! Thoughts? 
  • Managed to return said glasses after some intense searching for the USPS drop-off box on campus. They definitely need to be more efficient on where they place these things. 
  • Attended my first hockey game! Puh-retty cool. (Haha. Get it? Because ice! 😂) Hmmm, not really a sports person I think but I can get into hockey. Just in time for the playoffs too. Go, Stars! ⭐️
  • Last night I de-shelled my first lobster tail. Much harder than it sounds especially if you want it still pretty looking and intact like I do.
  • Figured out deferred taxes, pension plans, accounting changes & errors for my test on Tuesday. Exciting stuff right there. 
 Have you rediscovered a hobby that you wish you never let go of? 
Ever been to a hockey game?
What did you accomplish this weekend?

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  1. Sorry to hear you are in a "blah" funk. Clearing your head with some good old TV therapy is a perfect choice, I say.
    Rekindling piano (or any musical instrument) feels so good!! I've been trying to get back to my music as well. Yay for this!!
    Those breakfast nachos are brilliant. Definitely need to try this.
    Hope the sun shines on your a little brighter this week.

  2. It's been and up & down week. I constantly have to remind myself that everything is temporary especially the negative thoughts. Yes, I'm so glad I found piano again! It's even better this time because I feel I'm doing it for myself rather than for others. :)

  3. Breakfast nachos sound amazing. I’ve never tried my hand at sweet potato chips, but this makes me want to attempt! You should consider uploading a video of you and the piano. I’d love to watch you play! I hope your emotions balance out, but also remember it is good to cry sometimes. Getting it all out can feel better than a long nap!

    1. What?!? No sweet potato chips?!! 😱 The horror! Try the Terra brand. It's really addicting and they have so many options!
      I'm super video-shy but I will keep it mind! It would be a great way to practice and get out of my comfort zone a lil' bit.