Must-Reads of the Week (4)

January 15, 2016

Basic themes of this week are  

  1. Life is short and you are old
  2. So live it and treat yourself well
Only the first days back and I'm already exhausted. I'm on autopilot again and it sucks. Thank god for long weekends though. I finally (after 5 semesters of college) have no Friday classes so I'm in Austin already after taking the bus yesterday afternoon. Nothing too exciting going on this weekend aside my cousin's house-hunting. Ack, you know you're an adult when your conversations are about jobs, houses and marriages. At least I can break out my inner HGTV-nerd!

1. Nobody wants to say they're a quitter but there are just some things you have to quit. Personally, the biggest point I have to work on from this list was comparison. It's hard for me to remember that people are different! Bodies are different! Minds are different! Souls are different! We each have our own struggles; no one person follows the same path. It's like comparing apples to cheese--both completely different, yet equally wonderful. I am only losing in life if I think it's a competition. Instead, I need to look at people with an open heart. Relish in the fact that only I am seeing through my eyes. It's a humbling to know that you are 1 of over 7 billion fleeting human beings.

2. I consider myself a well-seasoned traveler. As a Filipino, however, I'm a terrible packer. My mom can work magic and fit a gajillion things into one box. It's craaazy. Typically, I use a strange combination of folding + rolling + stuffing but even that fails. I saw this cute, quick video on the timeless rolling vs folding  debate that hopefully helps me in the future. The more you know...

3. If you've been too down on yourself this past week, take a look at this list to fight those nagging self-hate thoughts. Don't forget to treat yourself with compassion too, okay?

4. As much as we can blame society for our social media addictions, we are at fault too. We've abused the Internet to the point of anxiety. If I'm not wasting time on my computer, I'm wasting time on my phone. Mindless scrolling and skimming, comparing myself to the "better" lives of others... Seriously, why do we do this to ourselves? I've contemplated deleting my Facebook and Twitter accounts but always come up with a good excuse to avoid it. Maybe 2016 will finally be the year I take charge of my life and do so.

5. In Memory of Alan Rickman - Every Snape Scene from the HP Movies -- I woke up on Thursday morning crushed to hear the news of Alan Rickman's death. I knew him as Professor Severus Snape on Harry Potter. Though this was just one of many characters he played, Alan Rickman embodied Snape for me. He helped make the movies worthy of the books. Honestly, it frightening when celebrities you grew up with start passing away. This just serves as another reminder as to how fast life is. Chills, always. 

Where do you stand on the packing debate?
Are there any habits your want to quit?
What makes you feel old or like life if flying by?

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