Cottage Cheese Pancakes

January 09, 2016

I'm soaking up the last few days of Winter Break before it's time for the "real-world" to kick in again. *Insert heavy sigh here* I am still attempting to tackle the looming list of things I said I would do over the break. Get a headstart on my senior project, reply to emails, decorate my new room, clean up my laptop... You get the picture: No. Work. Was. Done.

Luckily, I am visiting my cousins in Austin this weekend! Or maybe not so luckily as it'll just put me back into vacation mode all over again. But in all honesty, I'm excited for this semester! A lot of busying things are coming up already in January alone. My Google calendar and new planner (aka my BFFs) are filling up!

On a completely different note, I have a very serious question to ask: Am I the only one who doesn't eat cottage cheese with fruit?! Even the thought of having with syrupy peaches gives me the hibbie jibbies! Growing up, my dad would have a glob with barbeque and I have followed suit. Basically, for me, cottage cheese is very much a savory ingredient. It makes a delicious snack when topped with spices (my favorite is z'atar) served alongside bread.

Given the tub of cottage cheese sitting in our refrigerator, I knew I had to try these Polish lidnivikis, another not-sweet take. Though the tag-line advertises them as "lighter, fluffier" versions of regular pancakes, mine came out hearty, dense & a tad messy. But delicious nonetheless! If this isn't enough to make you jump on the cottage cheese bandwagon, I don't know what is.

- What method do you use to organize your life? 
- Do you like your cottage cheese savory or sweet?
- How is Month 1 of 2016 treating you?

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