Must-Reads of the Week

November 09, 2015

Happy Monday! This day has surprisingly been exhausting for (only) the first day of the week. My mid-afternoon coffee buzz is definitely wearing off. Thankfully, the next couple of weeks are completely chill school-wise. Thanksgiving break is so near I can taste the roasted brussel sprouts,  punkin' pie, and gravy in the air. 

Gonna keep this post short & sweet. Here are some links from around the Interweb that caught my eye in the past week. Hope they inspire you as much as they did me! Peace out, bean sprouts. 

1. For When You're Feeling Tired of Everything - ***NOTE TO SELF

2. Socca Flatbread via Well & Full - Bought garbanzo flour at Central Market today specifically to make this at some point during the week. Will let y'all know how it goes! 

3. The Antidote for Perfectionism - Recovery has forced me to confront my desire to be perfect head-on. I think I've had this illusion that mindfulness will make all the pieces of life fall into place, that I will magically become better once I "master" it. But, as this article points outs, mindfulness is actually the whole-hearted acceptance of the imperfect. 

4. This list of ALL Disney's upcoming movies!!! - FINDING DORY, THE GOOD DINOSAUR, MOANA, ETC ETC. After serendipitously watching Mulan last night on ABC Family, I remembered coming across this awesomeness on Facebook. I am more excited than a 20-year-old student probably should be, especially considering that by 2018, I'll be out of college and dealing with the "real world." Oh wellz. Let future Kaylee deal with that.

5. "This Woman Had The Perfect Response To People Body-Shaming An 8-Year-Old Girl" via Buzzfeed - LOVE THIS. 

Take her outside. Plant a garden. Play in the snow. Play tag. Get a slip and slide and swing set and a hoolah hoop. Buy her a purple bike with bright yellow streamers. Teach her to play an instrument and dance like a crazy person. Buy her art supplies and show her all of the bodies that artists have celebrated throughout history. Feed her good stuff, but have conversations with her while she eats it. Say things that aren’t about food. Read great books. Teach her to sew or sing or make balloon animals. Go back outside. Tell her she is beautiful, but say it half as much as you say that she is kind and generous and hysterically funny and at the top of your list of favorite people. Talk about anything but bodies. Turn off the fucking TV. Jump in the pool and don’t talk about how big your splash is or how your thighs look in your swimsuit." 

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