Must-Reads of the Week (2)

November 18, 2015

Got another set of links to share with you this evening. Yaaaaay! Not quite in the writing mood so here's a pretty quote-picture thing that I made that hopefully inspires you more than my almost midnight brain can. 

1. Though I only just entered my second decade, it feels like 30 is around the corner! WHICH IS CRAZY. Someone please tell me how we're less than a month a half away from 2016!!! Can time please oh please slow down. As I ponder my future and all my life choices, I came across this interesting take on what it means to be 30 in different countries. Eye-opening and perspective-putting plus the photography is stunning.

2. At first glance, I thought this article about a dietician's food rules would be another ruse, emphasizing what I "should" eat, good versus bad. But quite honestly, it wasn't what I expected. I don't want to advocate a "right" diet (there is none!) but I think this article perfectly sums up my ultimate health goals.

 I do believe you need cake to balance out the kale, just as much as you need kale to balance out the cake.

3. Have y'all seen any of those Mode 100 Years of Fashion videos? I lovelovelove watching them! If you know what I'm talking about and/or if you are a foodie like I am, here's a fun video for you! That 2015 one is so accurate.

4. Not your typical Thanksgiving pie.... Since my family ordered a pumpkin pie for our holiday meal this year, I won't get to try it out next week but it is definitely going on my never-ending to make list! Mmmmm, just look at that crumble.

5. When The Fat Girl Gets Skinny !!! -- Incredibly powerful look on what's wrong with our society's view of "health." Another video... Maybe I need to call this Must-Watches of the Week instead. After I saw this, I swear I spent a good hour or two just watching other spoken word poems. If you know of any good ones, please send them my way! Caution: This video and article may be triggering.

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