Savory Bread Pudding

September 05, 2015

This past week I've been feeling stuck in my recovery. Stagnant, a little listless. Honestly, I am just really frustrated mostly with myself. I feel for every step I'm taking, I am going two steps backwards instead. It's like I am digging for treasure and I know that X marks the spot and I know exactly where the X--I can see it even--but have no clue how to get to that point. I'm struggling to be patient with this process. I let my small failures discourage me. Steps are still steps. Paths will veer. Sometimes you have to turn around and search for a clearer route.

--End ramblings--

My impatience was also tested when I made this breakfast-for-dinner, savory bread pudding. Side note: I want to call this a strata but after Googling, I stand corrected; apparently, stratas are composed of layers rather than cubes of bread. After opening & closing the oven multiple times over the span of 30 minutes, I couldn't wait any longer to devour this fake strata.

Not the prettiest of meals but it's the perfect way to use up aging bread instead of being neck-high in sandwiches. No recipe here! The general framework was a 4:1 egg-milk ratio plus 2-3 slices of bread. But feel free to alter the ratios depending on how soggy you want it. From there the possibilities are limitless! First, mix together the egg and milk and add seasonings to taste. Combine the fix-ins in an oven safe container and pour the liquids over, making sure every inch of the bread has soaked up some of the egg & milk combo. Let it bake at 375 degrees and try try try to wait until the top looks a little browner. For this one, I had roasted carrots and cherry tomatoes sitting in the fridge. I also threw in some blue cheese crumbles because cheese can solve all of my problems.

Hopefully this long weekend will put in me in a better mindset moving forward. Have a lovely Labor Day ♡

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