Buckwheat Crepes (2 Ways)

September 26, 2015

Back home in the Philippines, my family and I had a favorite crepe place--Cafe Breton. My go-to order was a buckwheat galette crepe filled with smoked salmon, capers and lightly covered with a dill sauce. Then for dessert, forever & always a simple butter and sugar crepe. I discovered the deliciousness of cooking with buckwheat flour last year and since then I've tried it in pancakes, cornbread, even a mini chocolate lava cake. 

I followed Foodie Fiasco's crepe recipe using using buckwheat instead of all-purpose flour because why not? I filled them with extremely simple flavor combinations that were calling my name. 

Savory: tomatoes + blue cheese 
(I'm hooked on this combination as evidenced by this post from earlier this month.)

Sweet: fresh figs + honey + thyme 
(I have a confession to make: I have a fig problem.)

This is definitely an attempt to extend summer for as long as possible though the chilly mornings may disagree with me. :( On the plus side, I now have a whole stack of these waiting for me in the freezer! Fall I'm ready for ya!  

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