Summer Bagels

July 25, 2015

There's something about creating a tangible...something. A feeling of productivity that resonates with me. I recently (re)learned how to crochet, further proving my old lady tendencies, and made myself a cowl scarf. I find myself watching TV and crocheting, in the car and crocheting, first thing in the morning and crocheting... The next project is a throw for my parentals and I'm 57.99% done. Woop. My spurts of creativity takes on other forms. Like attempts at the pottery wheel. Or strangely enough, summer makes me want to turn the oven uuuuuuuup & make all the breads in the world. This plus the search for other ways to enjoy every bit of summer strawberries while I can resulted in these bagels!

I asked myself "Why are there never any strawberry bagels? Must blueberries get all the fun?"

I altered this even further recipe by subbing half of the flour with whole wheat flour and used a packet of instant yeast, mixing it in with all the dry ingredients instead of Step 1. Bagels are obviously a morning thing but a) who wants to eat not fresh bagels and b) who wants to get up 4 hours earlier to make breakfast? My solution: boiling then par-baking them for half the prescribed baking time so they're ready to be thrown into the oven and consumed whilst still in PJs, catching up on Downton Abbey.

They're definitely not the prettiest of baked goods. But worth the wait for rising time and the struggle to fold in the berries by hand. Served with dots of cream cheese and more strawberry deliciousness in jam form. Hello, weekend!

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