Mango Loaf

August 10, 2015

Growing up in the Philippines meant mangoes were constantly abundant. For the longest time, they were not just my favorite fruit but they were the only one I would eat! My mom cut it into little cubes and I'd eat it straight out of the mango. As much as my love for all fruits has grown (and thank god for that), nothing compares to a little taste of home.

Though this recipe from Saveur was called a mango bread, it is definitely more cake/loaf-like to me. I made a few changes: almonds instead of walnuts, brown sugar instead of white, and omitted the coconut for my mother's sake. And the commenters suggested it didn't baking the "bread" for just under an hour rather than the whole hour & 20 the recipe called for.

Fluffy and moist and dense and slightly crunchy and refreshing and everything right in the world. Eat it straight out of the oven for snackage or add a dollop of yogurt and fruit for an easy breakfast to defeat those Monday blues.

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