Go, Chica(go)!

July 11, 2015

Taylor's series, depreciation, and film history aside, one of the biggest thing college has taught me is how to be by yourself. After that leadership conference in Chicago a few weeks back, I opted extend my stay in the windy city. I AirBNB-ed it for the first time, took myself on fancy food dates and explored the city streets.

It was nice to only be responsible for me and to only do the things I would thoroughly enjoy. No being dragging my feet or scheduled group tours. However, of course I had to be your typical tourist and check out Millennium Park, walk through Mag Mile & devour Chicagoan pizza. Visit the Art Institute but give yourself at least half a day there. SO WORTH the $20 ticket.

If I could give just one piece of wisdom that I've gained in my oh-so-long nineteen years of existence, it would be to learn to be comfortable being alone. With billions of other people out there, I think it's a necessary skill, one that isn't easily attained nor valued as highly as it should be. Whether this means solo travel or not, enjoy your own company.

Pilsen street art

Maxwell Street Market Mole Tamale 

Deep dish pizza in Little Italy

Cliche bean picture

Art Institute of Chicago

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