Recent Eats: May

June 17, 2018

Though we're over halfway through June already, it's never too late for some foodie inspiration I hope. No themes but rather arranged as the day progresses--beginning with ways to break the fast then through lunch and dinner. Finally, will end things on a sweet note as my sweet tooth always does.

As usual this is merely a snippet of what I eat; these posts aren't meant to be a complete look of my meals. Nor are they supposed to dictate what you 'should' or 'should not' eat. Please take the time to listen to your own bodies' needs and what works best for your overall health in that particular moment. Also will be noting when I split something or when I didn't finish it just to keep it even real-er.

Blueberry and kale smoothie bowl with these coconut clusters I got from Costco. Dee-licious. Loving all these summer vibes in this.

Best way to start a graduation morning = brunch tacos!!! One with eggs, spinach, cheese and bacon!!! And the other with more eggs, pickled carrots and a fried breaded pepper.

Throw-everything-in-your-fridge-together hash of sweet potatoes, black beans and brussel sprouts. 

Tried the oh so trendy Trader Joe's cauliflower gnocchi. Definitely not comparable to the regular potato or even ricotta gnocchi; it was just alright in my opinion. Had it with shrimp and peas! 

A smoked salmon appetizer platter to share while at my grandparents' anniversary celebration. With all the fix-ins -- capers, dill cream cheese, pickled onions, crackers off course. 

An arepa (cornmeal based dough thing) sandwich filled with veggies and cheese. 

Mango crepe layer cake with mango puree and more fresh mangoes. Mangoes on mangoes on mangoes essentially.

Makeshift strawberry shortcake with a leftover shortcake biscuit I had stocked in the freezer with strawberry and chia jam with yogurt in lieu of whipped cream.

What's your favorite meal of the day?
Thoughts on the cauliflower craze? 

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  1. Yummmmm. Those breakfast tacos are calling my name. Did I just say that? Me, savory? I just had an avocado, cheddar, egg sandwich for breakfast and am once again realizing I looooveeee me some savory. Though I'd take one of those strawberry shortcakes later on.

    1. I've definitely been on a savory kick lately too. So pass me a breakfast sandwich please!