Month in Review

June 11, 2018

Long time no talk! Forgive me for disappearing on you for a while there. For about a month to be exact.

My computer was giving me some serious issues. By that I mean, crashing and not booting up again. Fun stuff. Luckily, we were able to get it to long enough to save all the pictures from graduation!! Phew. Then my dad worked some magic and now, though it'll still crash almost daily, it's actually functioning enough for me to be blogging again.

In a cruel way, it was probably for the best as it forced me to focus on studying for my (hopefully) last CPA exam, which I took a couple days ago. The scores don't come out until the end of the month and by then I'll be feasting on pizza and gelato. So, there's literally nothing for me to do now but wait it out. 🙃 My first 100% break from studying in almost 6 months. I've already enjoyed my first day of freedom by marathoning Say Yes to the Dress and looking after this little fluffball.

But in that month, I've also fallen reaaaally behind on staying up to date with blogs and consequently have been awfully quiet with my comments. ☹️ Finally linking back up with Meghan again for another Week in Review, or in my case, Month in Review.

  • Studied, studied and studied some more for my 4th CPA exam
  • As previously mentioned, took that test and now the waiting game begins... 
  • Finally booked my trip to Italy !!! 
  • Started apartment hunting
  • Went out of town on a Memorial Day weekend trip with family 
  • ...where we 
    • Picked peaches 🍑
    • Went on a mini hike
    • Visited a couple of wineries--my first time! 
  • Went to the local NEDA walk
  • Finished season 1 of Handmaid's Tale as well as Margaret Atwood book
  • Watched a concert! Pretty neat to hear Lifehouse's You and Me and Goo Goo Dolls' Iris live
  • Took myself out for lunch where I got cornbread biscuits with poached eggs and a cauliflower sauce
  • Was asked to be a bridesmaid by my friend and freshman year roommate 
  • Attended a women's self defense training
  • In addition, did the usual: yoga, volunteering and weekly appointments with my dietician and therapist
  • Enjoyed the simplest of breakfasts like this avocado and tomato toast with grapes 

Hoping it'll be less a month since the next time I post. Crossing my fingers for my computer's wellbeing.  

What has been going on in your life in the past month? Update me! 
Have you ever been a bridesmaid or done self defense training or gone on a winery tour?
If you've been to Italy, I would love travel recommendations! 

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  1. I think all celebrations should include feasting on pizza and gelato. Congratulations on sitting for your last CPA exam. I love the recovery time with lots of TLC. I've been on a Trading Spaces kick myself.

    Maybe it's time for a new computer.

    1. Will definitely keep you posted on the pizza and gelato situation.
      It probably is time for a new computer but my wallet starts crying at the sound of that.

  2. I don't think you're alone in being a bit behind on blogging. I think May is a crazy month for many of us. Glad to have you back! And congrats on completing your CPA exam! That sounds super-intimidating to me-I always liked math but I hated being tested on it!
    When do you leave for Italy? That sounds amazing! Hope you have an awesome time!

    1. Leaving next week already! It's crazy. Thanks, Joyce!

  3. Hi! Any chance you get to step back in is lovely! Italy!? Apartment hunting! Bridesmaid! So many exciting things! Most of all... those cornbread biscuits......

    1. Cornbread always gets me.
      Hope you've been well Cora!