Spelt & Almond Meal Cookies + Self-Love

October 18, 2015

Self love is not selfish. Self love is not selfish. Self love is not selfish. Repeat n times. 
Through recovery, I have become cautious of when I'm not making time for myself. Like reading for-fun, non-school related books or Netflixing bad romantic comedies. This blog, for example, was intended to be one of my creative outlets. A space for me to reflect, to dump out my thoughts so they don't overwhelm me. And while it has done just that, I have been neglecting it more than I wanted to. 

Part of my making-time-for-me strategy, despite my inherent black thumb, I joined the on-campus community garden this semester. We were asked to bring food to share for the kick-off meeting last month. Think picnic table environment with real Indian dishes made with veggies from the garden, yucca fries & homemade mango sorbet. I brought Hummingbird High's almond & spelt chocolate chip cookies! Honestly, cookies are the ultimate form of self-love. 

Probably because I used coconut oil & honey instead of canola & maple syrup, they ended up with a different texture (and less aesthetically pleasing) than Michelle's. But, hey, it all goes to the same place anyway right? Hehe. I could literally eat this dough for breakfast. And since they're eggless, my mom can't scold me for eating raw eggs! 

Self love is not selfish. Though it may seem like I'm procrastinating the things that "need" to get done, allowing myself to relax will make me more productive in the long run. 

How do you show self-love?
Have you ever gardened before? 
What's your favorite type of cookie?

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