Recent Eats: April

May 01, 2018

Hello...May!!??! Seriously, where is 2018 going. It seems like only yesterday I was reflecting on the past year. And yet the flowers have bloomed. The air is warmer. The shorts have come out as have the spring produce and al fresco meals. 

I realized that I missed slipping in this caveat in last month's recent eats. Just as a reminder, this isn't a complete look at my daily meals. Nor does it imply what you should/should not eat. You know your body better than I do. So find what works for you and keep on learning what you like/dislike and satisfies your tummy and your tastebuds. Also, I want to be transparent as possible and will let y'all know how much of the something I ate, if I split it, etc. 

Tacos tacos and more tacos! Eggs + cheese + avocado crema + roasted cabbage. And on the right carrot BBQ tofu tacos using that date BBQ sauce referenced here. There were also quite a few that went unpictured--black bean breakfast taco eaten alongside pozole, a delicious salmon one with an absolutely perfect portioning of fish, kimchi and egg tacos to name some more. 

This delicious Mother Earth bowl from Flowerchild. Grains, sweet potato, mushrooms, sliced avocado, onions, arugula, homemade pesto. Yum. 

Before another allergic reaction hit, split two kinds of socca. Not quite sure what exactly it was. The only thing I can resume is chickpeas ☹️ which is really odd because I've eaten them in the past few months. Ended up leaving quite a bit of the socca itself left over because it was still partially raw inside. We did finish the toppings and they were absolutely delicious; one was prosciutto, fresh mozzarella and arugula and the other was chicken, artichokes, grapes, goat cheese and greens.  

My tastebuds are ready for ice cream season! Can literally taste summer. Split this strawberries and cream + snickerdoodle ice cream sammie. 

A simple snack of toast with sunbutter + strawberry chia jam -- see this post for the jam.  

Apparently I have a thing for pecan studded muffins as on 2 separate occasions I went to different coffeeshops and got similar muffins. Put a little bit of reading (for fun and for school) in. It's weird to think that with these being my last days as student, I won't be able to do this as often in the future. 😶

What's your favorite taco filling?
What do you miss about being a student? Or what do you enjoy about being a student? 
What are you looking forward to this month? 

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  1. that strawberry chia jam looks so good! love ice cream season.. but i will eat ice cream at all times of year :)