Week in Review: Not-So-Spring Break

March 19, 2018

Hi there. Long time no talk! It's been a hot second (only in the metaphorical sense because it was freezing where I was!) since my last post. This Monday morning I'll be recapping my trip to the Northeast I took over spring break. Please bear with me though as it isn't your traditional Week in Review since I'll be going through a Friday-Wednesday and not an actual week. Also sending a huge belated happy birthday to The Queen of the Lists, Meghan! Hope this next year is filled with more wine, cat snuggles, and cute pictures of the kiddo. 🎂

I got back to Texas last Wednesday and was pleasantly welcomed by the warmer, sunshine-y weather. Oh so ready for spring to be official! If you live somewhere where winter actually is a thing, I don't know how y'all handle it. Mad props to ya. 

In case I haven't said this, my trip was to visit some family friends who I have known for what we calculated is coming up on 15 years now. CRAZY. Even crazier to see how adult we've become in terms of our conversation topics but it's also comforting to know that I can still be my kid-at-heart around them. I flew into Boston Friday morning and spent the first two days there. And...
  • Enjoyed a bagel for breakfast three days in a row -- something that in the past would've made me incredibly anxious. It's weird to taste (figuratively and literally) recovery like this. It's been a long time coming and I finally feel things are going somewhere. 
  • Went to both the Institute of Contemporary Art and the Museum of Fine Arts. One of my fave things to do in a new city!! 
  • Walked around the Harvard campus and surrounding town but sadly couldn't get into any of the academic buildings because they were locked up for the break
  • Got a free cup of Starbucks coffee at said Harvard Yard 
  • "Trekked" 2/3 of the Freedom Trail. For all you history buffs out there, it featured sites like Boston Massacre spot and Paul Revere's house

Sunday night my friends and I drove over to the Amherst, Massachusetts area. My friend just started up at a nearby college there. So I spent a day around her campus where we...
  • Grabbed breakfast at the university dining hall. Loved all the vegan friendly options they had to offer! I got a tofu scramble with pico de gallo + oatmeal topped with dried fruit, nuts and strawberries. Sweet and savory for life. 
  • Bleached and dyed my friend's hair
  • Toured around a little bit and saw the theater and greenhouse.
  • Finally watched Black Panther! Made even better since we were the only ones in the theater. 😅
  • After eventful plan changes, a couple of bus rides, a late-night dinner, some lugging our suitcases around another college town, we sought warmth and 'camped out' for a couple of hours at a random academic building until my other friend could pick us up

Then late Monday night (almost Tuesday morning) we left for New Haven, Connecticut. Fun fact! I was born in Bristol but have no memory of Connecticut so for the first time . Stayed there until Wednesday morning when I took the bus back out to Boston to catch my flight in the early evening. During those last couple of days, I...
  • Experienced my first legit winter storm of sorts. Incredibly beautiful but I couldn't feel my fingers. 😳
  • Walked around the Yale campus in said storm
  • Made it to the Yale Center for British Art and Yale Art Gallery right before closing. Had to powerwalk through a lot of it, which isn't something I like to do, but better than nothing!
  • Binge-watched Marvelous Mrs. Maisel on Netflix with my friend! Highly recommend especially if you are a Gilmore Girls fan. 
  • Celebrated pi day with everything but your traditional pie -- pizza for lunch, quiche for dinner and an apple pie bar for dessert

I knew I wanted to spend my last spring break somewhere other than at home--to give myself a real break. Though maybe a day too long, I'm glad I did it. Hopefully it'll give me the motivation, the restart to get back into the focused studying that I need for this next half of the semester. 

What type of art do you prefer?
What constitutes pie for you? Do pizza or quiche count? Pop tarts? 
Do you have any great spring break stories? 

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  1. Thank you for the birthday wishes. Another year of wine, cat snuggles, and a cute kiddo sound perfect to me. Also, I added that Netflix show to my list since you know i'm obsessed with the Gilmore Girls. Also, I am over winter. Each time I see the snow coming down again, I want to run and hide. Sigh.

    I'm thrilled you got to really have a great break. It's always awesome to reconnect with old friends. As much as you've all grown, it feels like you were never apart. Like you don't miss a beat. There's something incredible about those relationships. Hang onto them forever.

    P.S. I closed the link up early in error (oops; my bad). It's back open now and I added your post. Happy Monday.

    1. Let me know what you think of the show! Yes, very grateful for relationships like that in my life.
      And thank you for adding me into the linkup. You're the sweetest.

  2. What an adventurous break you gave yourself - yay!! Seeing college friends is something really, really special. I still have the fondest memories of those visits.

    Mmmmm bagels. I've been going strong on the bagels lately. And yes - living somewhere where winter "really exists" is NO FUN.

    1. Sending you warm Spring-y vibes from Texas!!