Week In Review: Day-By-Day

June 06, 2016

Hello Dallas
Another week down, another Week In Review c/o Meghan! I decided it might be different to list my accomplishments day-by-day. WIR reminds me that I have achieved more than I think I did within 7 days. Maybe somedays will be more "productive" than others and that's okay.  

- Managed to get up at 6:30 to transfer my mama from an urgent care facility to a legit hospital after getting only 4 hours of sleep. While we were spending our long weekend in Austin, she suffered from a severe bout of vertigo Sunday morning and was bedridden the entire day. Long story short, luckily, she was able to go home Monday afternoon. She is back to 100% now! 
- Barely napped on the drive back to keep my aunt company


- Survived driving in the pouring rain. If you haven't heard about the weather here recently, it's been puh-retty crazy. My sister & I had to pull over at a gas station to wait it out after I picked up her up from work that afternoon. This week is looking up though--sunshine & 90s--what summer should look like. 
- Watched the latest Bachelorette episode with my family! Definitely hoping my Texas boys win Jojo's heart. 
- Sucked it up and made dreading to do and called the firms to decline their internship offers. Disappointing people is one of my biggest fears so this was undoubtedly a challenge for me to do. 
- Was driver again for my sister. Yay for better navigation skills and becoming less directionally challenged! 
- Whipped up my first batch of energy bites. There was an unfortunate lack of cashews in our household so I used a mix of cashews, pecans, & almonds. Why have I never done this before?!! What was I thinking!? They were ridiculously easy. MAGICAL. 
- Caught up on all the episodes of unREAL; essentially it's a series about the BTS of a series called Everlasting based off of The Bachelor series.... if that makes any sense whatsoever. SHOWCEPTION! 
- Spent an hour volunteering AKA playing with doggies at an animal shelter! They were so adorable. 

- Made it to my appointment with the dietician only 5 minutes after our scheduled time despite having troubles with parking and my running late. 
- After intense internal debating, some random number generating, a bajillion phone calls and being on the verge of tears, I finally made up my mind on which company to intern with in the Spring.
- Though it may not look like it, I did finally get my hair cut. Kinda annoyed with the length: still longer than I wanted it to be even if I asked for 2 inches off. Blergh. 😕
- A couple of weeks ago I received the OK to start exercising again (WOO!). I attended a free yoga class held on each first Saturday of the month. Sadly, they were forced to move it indoors cuz of the rain but it was fulfilling nonetheless. The instructor ended our session with a quote that I needed to hear and felt all y'all out there do too:

“If your compassion does not include yourself it is incomplete.”
- Following ^^^, I took myself out on a late breakfast date. Sat at Modern Market and enjoyed their rocket & egg sandwich with basil aioli while finishing up The Crown. An easy read, a cross between The Bachelor and YA distopian novels. Frustratingly, she didn't pick the guy I was rooting for! Side note: Whoa, my week was Bachelor filled! 

- Spent some of the afternoon listening to another Ladies Who Lunch podcast while simultaneously coloring. Obviously, this was a very self-love filled day! 
- Got a headstart on my online summer class (that officially begins today) by reading the first chapter of the required text. Yup, I'm definitely a shameless nerd. Since it's only a month long course, I know it's going to breeze by and the work would start to pile up. 
- Had a much needed semi-spontaneous phone call with my friend. Two hour conversations like this slightly alleviates the 8,301 mile distance between us. 

- Last week I attended a German cooking class where we made pretzels and braised red cabbage. Recreated it for lunch to serve alongside bratwurst. I am the queen of pretzel shaping!
- Unloaded the dishwasher, surprisingly one the chores I actually don't mind doing. 
- Went on a family run for Braum's ice cream. I chose a scoop of the homestyle strawberry with no regrets! A perfect end to the week. 🍦

How did you treat yourself to some self-love this week?
Have you tried German food before? 
What's your favorite chore to do?

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  1. I think Saturday and Sunday's activities were my favorite mainly because they involved so much self love and homemade pretzels. You are the shaping machine. I am impressed.

    Sorry to hear about your mom and I'm glad she's fully recovered. That's a big relief. Hope you stay dry.

    1. It felt good to do all those things for myself and really just relax. Thank you Meghan. :)

  2. I love that compassion quote! So true, yet so forgotten in this day and age.