Must-Reads of the Week (3)

December 02, 2015

I had an excellent, almost too relaxing Thanksgiving break. I hope yours was swell as well! I am totally loving that I am slowly, finally feeling the holiday vibes despite how much I disapprove of the cold weather. My mind still hasn't fully accepted the fact that the end of the semester is only a couple of weeks away. And that Christmas is this month. Luckily I got around 50% of my gift shopping done. (Yay for Black Friday!)

Here are some links that fuelled my procrastination recently:

1. An Open Letter to the Parents of a Busy College Student -- Awfully grateful for my family at this point in my life and most especially around this time of the year. As I've progressed in college, I have realized how much I need and love my family. This summarizes those thoughts.

2. Pomegranate season is the best and if you think otherwise bake these brownies from With Food & Love ASAP. I made some over the weekend and accidentally added too much salt in the batter (whoops) so I omitted the sea salt on top. Nevertheless, they ended up tasting delicious. Use dark cocoa powder for even more chocolatey goodness.

3. In a late celebration of all things Thanksgiving, here's a little food trivia on sweet potatoes.  Though yams are not actually yams, sweet potatoes are still life.

4. Saw this website of the last messages received from exes, former friends and deceased loved ones.  Makes me really wanna text all my contacts and let them know how much I loved them. I ended up scrolling through literally all of them to the beginning of the Tumblr page. On second thought, maybe you shouldn't click that link...

5. Here I am, in a coffee shop, sipping my mocha and crying like a baby because of this German Christmas ad. Just watch and be prepared to feel all the feels.

***BONUS LINK FOR FINALS WEEK (!!!) because who doesn't love puppies?!?? ONE. LAST. PUSH. Hang in there y'all. It's back to paper writing for me. :(

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