Week(days) in Review

June 12, 2017

Hihi! I decided to take last week off from WIR. Honestly, with its ritualistic, habitual nature, it started to feel like a chore--another thing on to check off the to-do list--at no fault of Meghan's whatsoever! I was compelled to write something for the sake of "linking up." I was trying to plan my weeks around my accomplishments, doing things because I could list them as accomplishments on here rather than doing these things for my own mental health. And isn't the point of this to be a review, a look back, and not another item to worry about for the future? So, there.

In any case, while on my mini-break, classes resumed for the summer session. With classes only twice a week (+ one online), it isn't as bad as I was expecting. But for some reason, I have been physically and mentally and socially and emotionally and spiritually spent. I remembered this quote that perfectly describes my feelings at the moment because I met an incoming HS senior born in 2000, which makes me feel incredibly old, and because it's already June, meaning we're halfway through the year, and because my graduation from college was exactly one month ago:
The days are long but the years are short. 

Also, going to mix things up a lil' bit and only review M-F, one by one, since just in those 5 days alone a lot of stuff did go down: 

Breakfast toped with a pitaya macaroom, granola, 

  • Started my day how all weeks should begin: Daily crossword puzzling and noshing on Siggi's yogurt. 
  • Survived the sudden downpouring of rain on the way to my first and only class of the day. I brought an umbrella thinking it would scare off the rain as with my luck that's what usual occurs but nooo. 
  • Bought my plane ticket for Las Vegas!! I'll be going there in the end of July for an honor society conference. #lit Not sure how much free time I'll have but please send me suggestions on what to do/eat/see! 
  • Worked the afternoon shift (noon-close) at the bakery
  • Made my version of these carrot-y sauce noodles for dinner 
  • Watched Wonder Woman with coworkers. Hmm, like with any superhero film, there were cheesy parts. But all in all it was a good film, nothing crazy spectacular in my opinion other than the fact it's the first major superhero movie both with a female lead and female directress. 
  • At said movie ordered a HUGE strawberry balsamic milkshake, something I don't (or at least haven't in some time) normally order. 
  • This extra long Hump Day started with an check-up with the endocrinologist. Was there longer than expected because they wanted to do a few more tests since my blood pressure was super low...though I felt completely fine... 
  • Had another surprise blood test. I swear, I've had more of these in the past year than I have had in the 10 years before that. On the bright side, getting better at dealing with needles! 
  • Started back up at an outpatient treatment center for recovery much to my dismay but that's another story for future Kaylee to rant about...
  • These are my long days school-wise. I had class from 3:00-5:15 then again from 6:00-10:00. How does a grandma like me stay awake in a night class you ask? Hmmm, I have no clue but I did! 

  • Went out to brunch and enjoyed lovely conversation with a friend. I got the chicken pesto power bowl. Kale (Kayl? 😁) Yeah!! 
  • Worked again but this time was my first shift closing by myself, the only cashier. 

Colorful meal of Singaporean curry noodles w/ shrimp + added some basil & red cabbage

  • Aaaaaand IOP once more. I feel this time around I am struggling a lot more with being vulnerable and opening up to people. Every time I'm there I am on the verge of tears. I am going to burst if I say just one word. 
  • The beautiful weather called for an early evening bike ride with my aunt. I am still off of exercise but allowed myself to be more mindful with my movement, noticing times when I could have pushed myself but didn't. 
  • Afterwards, we grabbed Asian food for dinner. On the way back from there, a popsicle place I had been to was having its soft opening for a new location right by my university, which meant popsicles for dessert! I chose the fruity prickly pear lemonade while my aunt got avocado & coconut. Usually I wait a few hours before having dessert and this was totally not what I had planned to eat so yay for flexibility! 

One accomplishment from your week!!
Have you seen Wonder Woman yet? What did you think?
Do you prefer morning, evening or midday classes? 

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  1. It's wonderful that you can see when something becomes a chore and then be mindful enough to take a break from it. Ooh Las Vegas sounds exciting. I've flown over but never actually been there, so I wouldn't be much of help with suggestions or recommendations.

    Also, I can empathize with feeling frustrated with vulnerability. It hurts, but just putting yourself out there and being there is a huge step. And I commend you :)

    1. I'm trying to remind myself that I can only get out what I put in. Baby steps, baby steps.
      Thanks for reading Evangeline!

  2. When the WIR becomes another notch on the to do list, it's definitely time to step back, relax, recharge and not worry about those lists. I would have taken off too. :)

    You dined on some unusual flavors last week. Strawberry balsamic milkshake and prickly pear lemonade. I am intrigued and would love to try both of those things.

    I love how you open your mornings: crosswords and solitary time. I miss that.

    Happy Monday and thanks for linking up.

    1. The popsicle was stellar. Definitely going to go back and try their other flavors.
      Crossword puzzles are my latest game addiction. Eek!

  3. I think it's awesome that you start your days with crossword puzzles. Those things are so hard.
    Sorry to hear you had to go back into outpatient treatment. Good that you're taking care of yourself, of course, but sorry that you've reached a rough place. Hang in there!
    I actually really liked Wonder Woman. It was pretty typical for a superhero movie--nothing too surprising--but I just loved how badass she was!

    1. For some reason I am just seeing this comment now! Sorry about that Joyce and thank you for the support.
      Gal Gadot was perfect for the role too!