WeekEND in Review: TGIT

March 27, 2017

Gotta love Brene Brown

Boy was this a long week. With me resuming my college student life, Thank-God-it's-Thursdays are back too. Despite my first test taking place on Tuesday (already!!!!), I kept myself busy this weekend for some reason (Who am I kidding?This was most definitely procrastination as its finest). Because of everything that went on, I decided to review and list my accomplishments from just my weekend--Thursday-Sunday. And honestly my brain can hardly remember what happened any earlier in the week.


- Made it through Week 1 of being back in classes. Already missing work. Drowning in assignments. Send help. 😥

- After I got out of my only albeit 3 hour long class that afternoon, I picked up a late lunch for my sister who unexpectedly was in town and needed a pick-me-up. And threw together this delish quesadilla for myself--spinach, avocado and all sorts of leftover cheese still. We watched the latest Survivor. Anyone else watch because that episode was crazy!!!!


- After three weeks, though it feels like longer, had an appointment with my dietician, which went as good as a meeting with one's dietician can get, I think. I am, however, looking forward to getting back to our more regular, weekly meetings.

- It may not look like it but I also got a haircut. Terrible timing though as it was raining the entire morning so my blow out disappeared pretty much immediately after. Just my luck of course. 😶

- I met up with my former supervisor at a cute coffee shop nearby. I hadn't seen her in months so it was lovely to catch up. Since I'm staying away from coffee, I opted for the hot chocolate instead. The drink was meh But it was a good reminder that the food you eat shouldn't take precedence over the conversations. We don't go for the food; we go for the people, for the instances that make you feel human.


- With spring finally upon us, my somewhat regular yoga place has brought back it's free weekly outdoor yoga series on Saturday mornings. It started out a lil chilly but it felt so so good to be in the sun when it did come out. Nothing like feeling the grass beneath you and breathing in fresh air even with these awful allergies.

- I then went to this special boho market that was taking place at the downtown Dallas farmer's market. Ate a spinach ricotta filled pastry (Yay for Groupons!) + cherry tomatoes on the side; apparently the pastry is called a rustico...? You learn something new every day. I picked up brussels sprouts, those tomatoes and a bag full of local pecans still in shell. Plus, snacked on all the taste testing goodies they had! I really need to make more time for farmer's markets on the weekend.   

Fun colored yoga pants + those sun rays = 👌

- Had an itch to get outdoors. Specifically felt like going on a bike ride. It was that kind of weather. Sadly, I realized my bike was still at my parents' house. 😫  Probably a good thing anyway to avoid further procrastination. I ended up wandering around campus chasing the sun around, alternating between reading my for fun book (i.e. Brene Brown's Rising Strong) and my notes for classes. 


- It was an eventful morning spent waiting for my apartment complex's emergency alarm to stop for a good half an hour. Fortunately, nothing was truly amiss (something about a water pipe and a pressure sensor?) but it was still frustrating to have my morning thrown off like that. Subsequently made this sweet potato, tempeh, brussels sprout and apple hash in my cast iron skillet for some much needed brunch. 

- Got a chance to pick up my crochet needle again during a crafting meetup at a neat little yarn store. Started a table runner project so we shall see how far it goes...  

- Right after, some friends and I tried out this retro arcade place called Free Play. You essentially pay $10 as an entrance and get to play all the games they have there, games like Pac Man, TRON, Donkey Kong. No tokens or tickets needed! Pretty unique. Had a good time reminiscing my Wii & DS days too though I was terrible at basically all the games there. 

- Despite all the plans, I was still able to cross a good chunk of stuff off of my school to-do list that would be too boring for all of us if I actually listed it out in detail.

- I also posted thrice on the blog over the 7 days: last week's WIR,  a recipe and some great links This must be a record for me. 


Have you ever had freshly cracked nuts?
What video games did you play growing up? 
How did you move your body this weekend? 

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  1. Oh I love when yoga studios do free outdoor classes when the weather is nice. Such a great way to get some flexibility training in! Have a great week!

    1. Yes, it's definitely challenging in others way especially with the new noises around.

  2. Aren't those old school arcade game places fun? We have one near us, although it doubles as a bar and it's always a good time.
    Despite being back in school mode, it looks like you had a pretty stellar week. My favorite was the yoga and the farmers market.

    Happy Monday and thanks for linking up.

    1. This one was a bar too! It's pretty neat. I was shocked at how busy it was!

  3. Ugh. Well, welcome back to school... getting that first week out of the way is huge accomplishment in itself.

    So jealous of all your sun-filled dates. I've been itching to get back to my farmers market - which is open right now - but between my schedule, laziness and crappy weather, I just havn't gotten myself to go. The first saturday I have off where the sun is out I am SO THERE. Getting all the brussel sprouts and free samples.

    That brunch skillet is fantastic. What a perfect way to revitalize yourself after such an unpleasant interruption. I would have been miffffffeeddd.

    1. The sunshine changes everything I swear!

      For sure the alarm was not the best way to start off my Sunday but thank goodness that didn't throw the rest of my day off!

  4. Farmers' markets are so wonderful! Ft. Collins has a winter one I've been meaning to go to but having gotten to all winter.
    Nice job making it through the week what with the adjustment of going back to school and having all that stress and responsibility on your shoulders. Of course frustrating that on your day off that you did have to deal with the stupid alarm. :S
    I'm totally down with what you said about your meeting with the dietitian going "about as good as a meeting with one's dietitian can be." Lol. So true.

    1. Hopefully you get to go to more farmers' markets with winter finally dying down! Crossing my fingers for ya. Also glad you share my sentiments around dietician appointments. I have another one today 😥