Week in Review: First of 2017

January 09, 2017

As I type this up on Sunday evening, I am watching the Golden Globes and attempting to eat soup with a teaspoon (the dishwasher with all our legit spoons is running). If this not the definition of an accomplishment, then I don't know what is.

For once, I actually felt productive this week before going through Meghan's Week in Reviews. It's weird. After having done several of these, it starts to get easier and easier to appreciate the little feats of accomplishments that occur throughout my week in the moment rather than in retrospect.

This upcoming week is an exciting one for me. I am starting a full-time internship at an international accounting firm. So while many other college students begin classes, I will be homework, test and readings-less for about 8 weeks! I don't 100% know what my work schedule will be like. It's definitely challenging and slightly anxiety-provoking to not be able to plan, to not be in control. With this being said, no matter what the case, I plan to make more time for You've Got Kayl.

- Treated myself to a brunch at a restaurant downtown after making a practice run to the office. Loved the vibe at the restaurant ^^^
- Got my Costco membership card!!!! 🙌  🙌  🙌
- Finished my last week of intensive outpatient treatment

- Made it through 3 meetings with my dieticians, 2 meetings with my therapists and 1 meeting with the discharge facilitator
- Spent the entire Saturday afternoon meal preppin': making this curry sweet potato and lentil (sub split pea) soup, baking some egg muffins, roasting broccoli, chopping up some kale & romaine, cooking a large batch of quinoa
- Put those shelves up that I talked about last week  with my dad's help of course. This included using a power drill for the first time whaaaaat??!
- After an ungodly and majorly disgusting length of time that would be embarrassing to disclose, I cleaned my makeup brushes!

- Load of laundry, check! ✔️
- Won a game of Clue against my sister and mother. One last hurray of board gaming before we all get busy with work and school.
- Slowly learning how to binge watching with the help of Gilmore Girls. I'm on Season 4 and I'm desperately missing Jess! Oh, young Milo Ventimigilia 😍  I swoon!


 Went on a froyo date with someone I met on Tinder (no shame!). Went just alright but that's life isn't it? Got to remember to keep putting myself out there.
- Got some grocery shopping done. Can't say no to 3 for $5 containers of berries!
- Planned out most of my outfits for the rest of the week as I begin working on Monday (aka today)...since with that comes waking up at 6:15...every day....fun. 😴
- Had another sister lunch with my favorite sibling. Hot ramen soup + singing along to Disney and Broadway songs in the car + wandering around a used bookstore

- Finally caught up and commented on all those blog posts that I let stack up. Time to fill up more tabs!

Do you lay out your clothes in advance to save time in the morning?
What's your favorite on-the-go meals? I'm new to this whole meal prep thing and need your help/advice/suggestions! 
With the first of fifty two weeks down, what is something you're looking forward to in 2017? 

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  1. Damn, you had an impressive week. I think your new internship sounds exciting and I bet you'll get a feel for the schedule soon. I used to work downtown and I loved it. Seeing the city, getting out for lunch, walking around...it was such a good time and I was so grateful my work brought me into the city each day.

    Way to go on all the meal prepping. You were a beast. Also congratulations on finishing your outpatient treatment program. I can only imagine how difficult and rewarding that must be.

    Happy Monday and thanks for linking up.

    P.S. I need to clean my makeup brushes. Oops.

    1. It's only day 2 and I love the energy being in the city. It's amazing.

      Sadly, my meal prepping won't come in any use this week since they're providing lunch. I guess I shouldn't complain about free food! 😝

  2. DAMN. Girl! Look at all this! First of all, huge congrats on finishing up the outpatient program. I know how draining seeing all those specialists/appointments in one week can be. Do you get follow up sessions?
    Secondly. Your meal prep sounds fantastic. I'd say you are killing it.
    Third. So excited about your internship!! You will learn so much - good and bad - but all will be so important to know where you want to be in the future. Can't wait to hear how it is going for you.
    Four. I've never cleaned my makeup brushes........ how do you do that? :s
    Five. When I was young my dad used to pick out my clothes for me. It always made my mornings easier. I should get back to that...
    What an awesome week you had. <3

    1. 1. I would but I won't be able to because of my internship. 😞
      2. Thanks Cora! You always make me feel so accomplished.
      3. Yes! Hopefully it gives me a sense of clarity.
      4. I may not be the best person to ask but I cleaned mine with a really mild soup and water then just wiped it on a wash cloth. My sister did give me a daily cleaner spray from ELF that I hope to use more regularly. *crosses fingers*
      5. Sometimes I miss wearing a uniform like I did in high school just so I won't have to make decisions. 😵