Week In Review: A Long One

July 11, 2016

I had this post typed up and ready to go this morning. But apparently IT DIDN'T FREAKING SAVE. Ugh. Then my computer was giving me all the troubles at work. Double ugh. If that says anything about how my Monday went...

For some reason, the shorter weeks feel the longest to me. That was definitely the case with the holiday last Monday and given the tragic events that occurred. It's even harder to think I have walked those same Dallas streets and know people who were at the protest that evening. My heart goes out not only to all the loved ones of those who were killed but also to the whole world. Is this violence really what we've come to as a human race? It wrenches at my heart to think so.

Despite how the week dragged on, I felt I had gotten nothing done, which meant it was the perfect time for another Week In Review!

- Doggy-sat (and still sitting) this little, white thing
- Signed off on my assigned workpapers at work!
- Got one decent shot of fireworks on the 4th. See above ^^^
- As a directionally-challenged individual, who gets lost in her own neighborhood, it's truly an accomplishment when I say I survived driving without Google Maps. Two weeks ago, my Maps just completely stopped working (I swear technology hates me). Honestly, being sans app was refreshing. I feel my sense of direction has improved drastically and I now plan to go app-less for the most part. 

- Over the weekend, I baked Ambitious Kitchen's blueberry scones with strawberries instead. So good that even my dad--a scone hater (I know, such a thing exists?!?)--devoured 2.
- Completed my online class on Friday, which means I'll (hopefully) have time to catch up on blogging, baking and books! 🎉
- Took my nail polish off, yet another task that I always procrastinate when it would only take me 5 minutes to do. Siiiiigh
- Got over halfway through The Boston Girl, a novel following the life of Russian immigrant family who moves to the US in the early 1900s. Until freshman year of college, I didn't particularly enjoy historical fiction but I'm so so glad I gave it a shot! 

- Ran, folded and put my laundry away within 24 hours, tasks normally spread out throughout an entire week. Woo! 
- Attended another cooking class but this time for Korean dishes. Learned a) the differences between Chinese, Japanese and Korean chopsticks, b) about kimchi fermentation and c) that sweet Korean pancakes taste like cinnamon rolls. Uhhh, yes please?!!?  
- I started volunteering at about a month ago at a local animal shelter and went again yesterday. AKA I played with dogs for 2 hours. 🐶  It's so bittersweet to watch them get adopted. 😩
- After spending over an hour watching Ham4Ham videos, I eventually wrote this post! 

Have you ever made Korean food from scratch?
Are there any book genres that you don't like to read? 
Do you ever feel you rely on technology too much? 

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