Must-Reads of the Week (15)

June 03, 2016

Good morning friends! I have a big decision to make today and I'm torn between my head and heart. I hate decisions. And choices and disappointing people. Argh!!! The advice I hear is to "go with your gut." But I've never really done that before. Is that even a thing?!? How does one do that?!!

Anywho, since I've been quiet on the blog recently, I really just wanted to quickly share some links before the week ends. Oh, and happy Friday!!!

1. Some stuff on dating/relationships: Can we change our type? I feel I relate to the Builders or Negotiators the most but I don't know. The biggest takeaway personally is that I need to figure out who I am before I can I figure out who my type actually is...

Ommm, words to ponder: The more you know yourself, the more likely to know what you want and what you deserve.

2. Another link to fuel my never-ending Hamilton obsession: I must admit I tried the moves and let's just say there's a reason I'm studying accounting. Fun fact: I did take a few summer breakdancing workshops back in the day though!

3. Just when you think Kristen Bell couldn't get any cooler... I love how celebrities are getting the mental health conversation going! We really need to erase the stigma around mental health and emphasize its importance. Mental illnesses should be treated like any physical illness. There is no shame in having one. It is not a sign of weakness.

4. I know I've shared The Fuck It Diet's posts before but if you still haven't checked out Caroline Dooner's site, DO IT (OR ELSE). Seriously, the girl is not just hilarious but she makes a point. And her recent one about what balance is was made for me. I think part of my ED stemmed from this notion that I was "balanced," that I was eating in "moderation," when really all I was doing was restricting myself. Even now, I can't have the typical balance because I am still healing, which I struggle to remember. It is much easier typed than done. I want to be able to eat intuitively but I know I am not at a place where I can listen to my body at that level yet. Definitely sucks butt.

Do you listen to your heart or your head? 
Do you have any experience with breakdancing? 
What's your favorite Kristen Bell movie/show? (Veronica Mars for me!)

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  1. I'm actually obsessed with Caroline Dooner. Seriously her site is freaking amazing and has played a HUGE role in my recovery!! <3

    1. Yes, she's AWESOME! Do you have any other recovery advocate recommendations??

  2. How did the decision making go girly?

    1. Hiii! After a lot of back and forth, I ultimately went with my intuition rather than the choice I thought people expected me to take. Probably one of the hardest decisions in my life so far! Thanks for asking, Julia :)