Studded Rye Bread + On Acceptance

August 24, 2015

Something I've discovered is critical to my recovery journey is accepting who and where I am in my life. Being okay with spending my Friday nights in instead of partying. Understanding that things will not always be this way. Realizing that it is okay to feel blah. Embracing my awkward-ness. Accepting not just my flaws but my strengths--valuing them. More than the awareness of these things, I have to trust them. Trust that I am capable of getting better or of making a good grade without overstudying or in the general love around me.

Those exploding raisins #yesplease

Anywho, this nutty bread has been on my to-make list since April. And after (too) much procrastinating, I finally, FINALLY made it and on the last day of summer too! I used Renee Kemps' recipe minus the chocolate chunks. Other than the wait time, this was almost too easy to make.  But 100% worth the wait. The perfect way to wake up to the school year!

My mother also got me an AmazonBasics silicone mat!!!! Here's to new semesters and more importantly to fulfilling my bread baking dreams

Served alongside fresh figs

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