Recent Eats: June

July 28, 2018

Okay so maybe not so recent eats in this case as the end of July is upon us and another eats post is due soon. Forgive me for all the Italy food pictures and these are not even all of them for June; over 70% of these are from my trip because Italians sure know how to do food.

Before I go on any further, again, these posts are not meant to dictate how one should eat necessarily. This is merely a sampling of what I've enjoyed throughout the month. Each person is different so please listen to your body and your life's needs.

A handy study snack. Would love to try their other flavors once my wallet allows! 

Threw together another sandwich with tempeh, beets, sprouts, avocado and whole grain mustard. 

Crispy artichoke hearts on a discombobulated salad of all the things--corn, blue cheese, black beans, tomatoes, regular artichokes. Hit the spot as the summer heat picked up.  

Pasta pasta pasta for days! Ate this fabulously cheap meal in Rome. Homemade, perfectly al dente pasta + wine in plastic cups for 4 euro. How can it get better than that? The pastas they had for the day were this creamy cauliflower sauce and amatriciana.  

Never thought a simple sandwich could be this darn good. Just prosciutto and fresh figs on salty crusty bread. No cheese, no condiments, no nothing. Plus it was another cheap meal!

Speaking of figs, definitely enjoyed (and currently miss) all the local markets around Italy. Picking up cheap fresh fruit like these figs and plums to munch on in the afternoon or have with breakfast or with cheese. 

Could I have possibly done this post without including a picture (or two) of gelato? More accurately afogato on the left there, aka a scoop vanilla gelato in a shot of espresso. For the first gelato of our trip I got triple chocolate and coconut chocolate chip while my mom of course got her favorites: pistachio and coffee. 

What's your go-to summer meal? Gelato, ice cream or frozen yogurt? 

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  1. Oh maannnnnn. Even the look of that pasta is amazing. I can only imagine. If you have fresh ingredients and good bread, no condiments even necessary. I'd love to experience what food is like in Italy!

    1. The European approach to food and exercise is the way to go.