Week in Review: Thankful

November 27, 2017


Happy Monday-post-Thanksgiving. Long time no talk. Hope you all enjoyed the holiday weekend, relaxed and spent time with loved ones, whether be it family, friends or furry creatures. Today's WIR will be in the form of with accomplishments snuck in there.

  • First of all, for Meghan, this amazing link-up, and the rest of the blogging community 
  • That my school gives us an entire week off for Thanksgiving break so I could visit a friend in Houston and explore the city
  • For my car, which took me on my first solo road trip ✔️
  • For my friend who let me into her life for the weekend
  • For my eyes to take in breathtaking skies & sights like these

  • For the time to give back and volunteer at the food bank in order for others to have a Thanksgiving meal too 
  • That I share my love for food with my family. My contributions to this year's feast were a cranberry relish and pumpkin creme brulee
  • For the ability to eat beyond fullness, sit with the uncomfortable, move on with life, and digest said foods 
  • For Black Friday shopping that wasn't too crazy but where I was still able to get some holiday gifts crossed off the list
  • For the ability to move my body during yoga classes 
  • That Nickelodeon made a Hey Arnold movie (....even if it was almost 15 years later) 

  • For having a mom that is willing to and does make cinnamon rolls for breakfast ☺️  Oh so satisfying
  • In a weird way, that I have the stresses I do in life--school, recovery, etc. A reminder to put things in perspective as life can be so much worse. 
  • And finally for Harry Potter movies that accompanied me while I finished up the first draft of a paper for class. With only three weeks left for the semester, it's downhill from here! 

What are you thankful for?
How did you celebrate Thanksgiving?
Have you ever been on a road trip by yourself?  

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  1. I'm so glad you joined in on getting grateful. It always feels good to recap what we're thanking for and a full week off sounds like heaven. I'm glad you were able to see Houston and your family. That's what the holidays are for although the food is nice too. :)

    1. Yes, cherishing these last few breaks that I have before full-on adulthood hits me.

  2. I really like these posts. I'm glad we hopped on the gratitude train together this week.

    Yay for you. Yay for being so wise and mature in how you see the stressors in your life. Yay for solo - road tripping (seriously, big props). Yay for seeing the special parts of the holiday - good food and time with others - as the things that matter most. Now, can we share your mother so she can make me cinnamon buns too!?

    1. I really like them too!
      And honestly my mother would probably love to make you cinnamon buns.

  3. What a wonderful list of thankfulness! Maybe it's weird but I really liked you adding the stresses of life in there, too. In a similar way, I'm thankful for the first world problems I'm experiencing because I could have it so much harder.
    It's so nice you got a full week off to spend time with your family and major kudos on your first solo road trip. I actually still have yet to go anywhere really far away by car on my own [usually opting for trains] so wow!
    On a final note, your mum's cinnamon bun looks amazing. Send me one because I have yet to try them ;)?

    1. Aww, thanks for the kudos! It means a lot.
      Wait, like no cinnamon buns ever?!?!!

  4. It all sounds lovely. Sitting with the uncomfortable is so important but can be so difficult. You go girl! Pumpkin creme brûlée! Sounds AMAZEEEE. Also solo-road tripping is a big deal. I haven't even flown by myself before, so heading home from school will be my first time and I'm already envisioning being at the wrong terminal and losing my luggage. So glad you enjoyed your break. <3

    1. Aww, thanks Naomi. You've got this 👍 Flying by yourself can be tricky but afterwards you'll feel super proud!